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How Do Casinos On Water Work?

post updated 16 February 2024

For most people, where casinos operate might not be a thing of major concern. All they care for is getting their favourite Palm Casino not on Gamstop games and getting enough entertainment through the varieties of games. Casinos do not operate land-based alone.

One of those places where real money casinos are found is on water. And this is not an innovation but what has been in existence for quite some decades. The reason some casinos are established on the water is for different reasons, according to each operator. The history of casinos on the water is largely attributed to places in the USA and casino operators there. Check out best online casino bonus Canada.

How do casinos on water work?

20 December 2021

Riverboat Casino History

The riverboat casino is associated with the wild west, and there are movies, books, and video games that feature characters with the riverboat casino. In the land-based casinos in the United States of America, some feature the theme of the riverboat. Even the online casinos that have come up now have a riverboat or wild west theme.

All of which alludes to the history of the water casino and brings back the memory for those who love to play casinos on water or who have read books or seen movies that feature it. As a casino game player, you can decide to play in the casino that interests you or both for more game and fun.

Why Casinos Are on Water

There are several reasons you will find some casinos that are situated on the water. They include the following:

  • politics
  • history
  • fun
  • geographical restriction

These casinos that are on water are to limit their geographical impact and the social impact of the casino. As with this, they are providing income for the state of their operation. Opting for water casinos instead of land-based will sway the public’s opinion in favour of the casinos.


When casino gambling began to surface and to get common among those professionals with gambling, the politics of most places/states frowned at it and outlawed gambling in the land-based casinos. So, to be safe with your money and yourself, not to kick against the law, gamblers go after casinos on the water to play their games.

History and fun

The reason for having casinos on the water is also dated back to history where passengers on a steamboat needed something to keep themselves entertained while on water and as a result, gambling became what was allowed there and passengers while away time by playing cards and money would be put on the table while playing the cards. With time, it became a common practice that many states moved to legalize.

Geographical restriction

Gambling and playing casinos on the water when it was initiated and legalized to operate in some states in the US was done to limit the economic and geographical position of the gambling industry. This intends to have a steady flow of the income generated from casino gambling without causing or bringing in any form of social vices like crime or encouraging illegal acts among individuals.

How Casinos on Water Work

Some state laws are against casino gambling on the shores of the land. Because of these laws prohibiting gambling, some operators have found a way through it and a means of generating revenue by operating casinos on the water. Through the International waters, casino water operators now circumvent state laws that kick against casino gambling operations. However, for the working of the operations on water, there are some procedures to follow.

Carry out proper marketing research by making use of surveys and census research. And this is with the intent of knowing the casino game lovers that will be willing to go to water casinos to play casino games in your state. With the research, you can as well know the number of casinos on riverboats.

After that, create a business plan, and with the business plan and the carried out research, determine the size of the ship/boat they will need for the on-water casino operation. The budget for it should also be considered, the staffing, and the number of casino games on the riverboat casino.

To keep the riverboat casino going, you will need to hire personnel like the riverboat operator, captain, crew members, casino dealers, hospitality crew members, kitchen staff, among others.

The riverboat that will house the casino should be a safe one that accommodates a good number of passengers. With this, they should meet the local and federal regulations.

According to law, obtain the right license and apply for the right permits to operate on water and on commercial vessels.

They should decide the type of business entity to operate the casino on the water. They will require the services of an accountant and business law attorney to understand the legal liability and the tax implications if there are any.

How Players Can Play Games at Casinos on Water

Is there much difference between how casinos on water operate and how that land-based works? There is not much difference between what players will enjoy when playing in the land-based casino and the riverboat casino. The game available in land-based casinos is also what will be found on water casinos. The location and the atmosphere of each of the venues are what make the difference. For water-based venues, gamers will have to book a hotel that has a riverboat casino to play their games.

The riverboat casino now operates differently from how it used to operate when it started several years back. It used to be a casino played when the boat was moving on water, but due to the limited time that players have while playing the game, changes were brought into it. As a result, riverboats started boats that are now being moored on the edge of the river, and that is what is termed as the boats in moats. So, today, things have changed with water casinos as they do not move. Instead, some are stationary buildings that can float on water blocks.

Riverboats gambling – Conclusion

Many casinos operate on the water, especially in states in the United States, to work around the local opposition in legalized gambling. With these venues it is seen as a form of compromise that gives room for income without creating space for social declines that may come with gambling on the casino.

These riverboats are not meant for sailing these days but are in line with the history of gambling on water. These riverboat casinos are so much-loved by the vast majority of people in America due to the history that is attached with it despite having numerous land-based casinos.

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