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How CBD Can Intensify Architects’ Inspiration Tips

1 Dec 2019

The profession of architecture is often quite different from what many architects expected when first becoming interested in the field, or studying it in school. While it tends to attract an extremely creative, free-thinking, and artistic group of people, the reality of being an architect can often be grueling and repetitive.

It is for this reason that many architects find it difficult to remain inspired and enthusiastic day in and day out. It can be especially disappointing when architects transition from the creative and open-ended projects they worked on in school to the constraints inherent in working under clients’ strict parameters. Many architects, as a consequence, can feel burnt out and uninspired at work.

How CBD can intensify architects' inspiration

CBD Intensifies Inspiration

This burnout is inevitably reflected in the work produced by an architect. That’s why it’s crucially important that architects find ways to feel inspired and find joy in their work. In order to do so, architects should use every tool at their disposal to keep their spirits high.

One promising tool that many working professionals use to treat a variety of different health conditions, as well as improve their mood is CBD, also known as cannabidiol oil. CBD has been reported to help alleviate the symptoms of many different conditions including Asthma, Crohn’s Disease, and Diabetes.

In fact, CBD has even been reported to help with symptoms related to several different mood disorders including Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and Bipolar Disorder. This is because CBD allows users to derive many of the same benefits of medical marijuana without any of the psychoactive effects that come with it.

The psychoactive compound in marijuana, called THC, is often not optimal for treating mood disorders because it can be disorienting, and fear-inducing in some users. CBD, on the other hand, has many of the same mood-boosting qualities of marijuana, without getting the user high.

CBD as a Mood-Enhancing Agent

The mood-enhancing benefits of CBD have already become well-known and highly used in communities of artists and creatives. So in-demand are its properties, in fact, that it has birthed many companies and businesses designed to cater to creatives.

According to Daily CBD Mag, the creation and popularization of CBD products designed to improve users’ moods come as no surprise considering that CBD has been reported to help users remain calm and resilient when facing stressful situations.

The new popular canned beverage Recess, for example, which contains CBD in its formulation has become widely popular with artists throughout the country to boost their creative drive.

Recess positions itself as a drink that helps promote a mindset of clarity, positivity, and balance, all because of its inclusion of CBD. Modern medical research studies seem to suggest that this isn’t mere marketing hype.

CBD and Creative Problem Solving

Many CBD users also report that it helps them to connect disparate patterns and ideas together in a coherent and normative way. Many users report that CBD products help them link seemingly irrelevant concepts to one another.

The ability to link concepts, ideas, and thoughts together in an unexpected or surprising way can be extremely useful to an architect’s workflow. Experts believe that it is this form of lateral thinking that provides the basis for innovation, creative insights, and inspiration.

Many successful artists and businesspeople credit CBD for unlocking the dormant inspiration and creativity in their minds. Founder and CEO Amy Duncun, for example, credits CBD for helping her to generate solutions to problems she had toiled over for years.

The Medterra brand is certified non-GMO, GMP by the US Hemp Authority and is a THC-free brand that specializes in synergistic ingredients. With this Medterra coupon offering some of the most affordable CBD products on the market.

CBD and Hyper-Priming

Research suggests that the positive benefits associated with CBD and its ability to generate inspiration and creativity are because it stimulates a process known as hyper-priming. Priming is a well-studied psychological effect in which concepts that are related to one another produce quicker reactions in the mind than subjects that are unrelated.

Psychological experiments show, for example, that after seeing the word ‘bird’ people are more likely to quickly react to related concepts such as ‘wing’ or ‘fly’ than unrelated concepts like ‘orange’ or ‘office.’ Even more, interestingly, research participants react even more quickly to concepts that are more related to one another.

In other words, the more related the concepts are to one another, the more quickly a person reacts to them. This can be thought of as the ‘mental distance’ two concepts have between one another. The shorter the mental distance, the faster the reaction.

Hyper-priming is a form of mental processing that effectively reduces the mental distance between different concepts. This means that the connection between different concepts that might not have once been apparent becomes clear.

For architects, this could translate to the ability to link different design principles, styles, and techniques together in unexpected and surprising ways.

CBD and Improvements in Sleep

CBD has long been reported to help alleviate insomnia. According to Cool Things Chicago, improving one’s sleep has long been known to enhance brain function and mood throughout the day. Conversely, a lack of sleep can generate feelings of fatigue.

In order for architects to use their brains in an uninhibited and optimal way, they should make sure that they’re getting enough sleep every night, and CBD can be an invaluable tool to help them accomplish this. This is especially important considering that many creative people suffer from anxiety and insomnia.

According to CBD Kyro, innovation in how CBD is administered, including the adoption of CBD tinctures, means that CBD can be paired with soothing and calming aromas that can further aid in fighting insomnia.

Many psychologists believe that sleep is when the brain is sifting through and linking myriad concepts to one another in order to recognize patterns and reach conclusions. This ability to effectively connect different ideas is the cornerstone of inspiration. It is this capacity to engage with different concepts in a unique and new way that allows for creatives to maximize the occurrence of so-called ‘aha moments.’

When considering different possible layouts for a particular project or design, for example, an architect that can connect past ideas and concepts and apply them to this current dilemma will be better equipped to come up with a solution. As simple as it might seem, having adequate sleep can help to improve this faculty of the brain.

Rediscovering Inspiration and Passion

The long hours that architects face mean that most will be spending a large amount of their time at work. If work is such a big part of an architect’s life, being able to rediscover the inspiration for their work will impact their overall happiness in a massive way. That’s why architects should make use of every tool to make sure they hold onto the inspiration that motivated them to pursue the work they do every day in the first place.

Author bio: Marina Turea is a CBD aficionado and an avid writer. In her day job, she works as a content manager at Digital Authority Partners.

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