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Hollywood Celebrities with Successful YouTube Channels

8 June 2020

Hollywood Celebrities with successful YouTube channels

Hollywood Celebrities with Successful YouTube Profiles

In recent years, more and more celebrities are creating YouTube channels. Through their videos, they get closer to their fans and we can get a glimpse of their lives.

It is very interesting to see how each celebrity’s personality is influencing the type of content they create. Some of their videos are among the ones with the most likes on YouTube. If you are looking for new celebrity channels to subscribe, here is a list of our favorites.

01. Kylie Jenner

Subscribers: 8.33 million

Even though, you can get an idea of Kylie Jenner’s life from the hit reality show “Keeping Up with the Kardashians”, you can get an even more intimate look into her life on her YouTube channel. On this platform, Kylie Jenner is offering vlogs from her everyday life, as well as exclusive behind the scenes footage. Moreover, she uploads various beauty tutorials, as well as Q&As. On this channel, Kylie Jenner has uploaded the iconic video “To Our Daughter”, where she revealed that she had a daughter and is one of the videos with the most likes on YouTube.

02. Will Smith

Subscribers: 8.3 million

No one can deny that Will Smith is one of the biggest movie stars. So, it comes as no surprise that his YouTube channel has more than 8 million subscribers. In his videos, Will Smiths shares interesting stories from behind the scenes. He also shares special moments with his family and videos where he embarks on adventures, such as a robot restaurant and Coachella.

03. Madelaine Petsch

Subscribers: 5.62 million

The “Riverdale” star has a very successful YouTube channel, where she gives glimpses of her everyday life in Los Angeles. Her videos are very fun and relatable and for the reason they are among the ones with the most likes on YouTube. Her content includes vlogs, tutorials, hanging out with her friends, and trying many interesting things.  This channel is truly a close look inside the life of a Hollywood celebrity.

04. Dwayne Johnson

Subscribers: 5.08 million

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has managed to prove his acting skills and, right now, he is one of the most beloved actors. In his YouTube channel, Dwayne Johnson is combining both of his careers, wrestling and acting. Among his videos, you will find behind the scenes and interesting stories about his movies. Moreover, you will find workout programs and stunt tutorials. “The Rock” is a channel worth subscribing to as it is very entertaining.

05. Adam Savage

Subscribers: 5.02 million

If you are interested in DIY and all the amazing props you see in movies, there is no better channel for you than Adam Savage’s Tested. The Myth Busters host is uploading video tutorials that help you create a lot of unique stuff. Moreover, he uploads behind the scenes videos and Q&As.

06. Shay Mitchell

Subscribers: 4.26 million

Shay Mitchell became popular after her appearance in “Pretty Little Liars”. On her YouTube channel, she offers a more intimate look into her life and character. Her channel features videos from her vacations, as well as cooking videos. Shay Mitchell also uploads vlogs and right now she has a biweekly series titles “Almost Ready”, where she records her pregnancy.

These Hollywood celebrities have channels with videos with the most likes on YouTube . Subscribe to them and get a closer look at the real-life of a celebrity.

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