Fulvic Acid – 4 Known Health Benefits Tips, Humic Substance Advice, Guide

Fulvic Acid – 4 Known Health Benefits That Will Convince You to Try It

2 Nov 2020

Fulvic acid is a humic substance, a compound that occurs naturally and can be found in compost, soils, and marine sediments. Although it may not sound appealing, fluvic acid is, in its essence, a product of decomposition. It forms through certain biological reactions, such as when food disintegrates in a compost heap.

Once it is extracted, it can be processed into supplements and used for the variety of health benefits that it can bring. Research to uncover the full potential of fulvic acid is still ongoing, but here are four health-promoting properties that will convince you to look for the best fulvic acid on the market and give it a try: https://www.optimallyorganic.com/fulvic-benefits.

Fulvic Acid – 4 Known Health Benefits
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Fulvic Acid – Reducing inflammation

This has been one of the most studied effects of fulvic acid, and for a good reason. This substance contains powerful anti-inflammatory properties that help fight harmful chemicals and compounds that reach our body through processed foods and environmental pollutants. These chemicals are known as free radicals and are believed to be responsible for many of the health issues we develop.

Fulvic acid helps increase your body’s reserve of antioxidants, preparing it to better fight issues such as muscle pain, headaches, nerve pain, and even arthritis. What’s more, these antioxidant properties can also work wonders in protecting your brain cells from damage.

Boosting immunity

Your body’s immune system is what helps it fight against disease and every other impactful outside factor. Studies have found that this chemical has the potential to increase your immune defense and improve disease resistance. Its anti-inflammatory properties also help boost your immunity, as inflammation is known for negatively affecting immune responses.

One study of 20 individuals with HIV uncovered that taking shilajit – a substance high in fulvic acid – leads to significant health improvements. Patients started experiencing fewer symptoms of nausea, diarrhea and weight loss, and their response to medication was enhanced, protecting their kidneys and liver from medication side effects.

Protecting brain function

Because the chemical product is rich in nutraceuticals and antioxidants, it comes as no surprise that it can significantly protect and promote healthy brain function. These antioxidants work by removing harmful toxins from the brain cell, allowing oxygen and essential nutrients to carry on to the brain and improve an individual’s brain capabilities.

Studies show fulvic acid has great potential in aiding people suffering from a range of brain ailments such as Alzheimer’s disease, stabilizing brain function, and enhancing memory. What’s more, research also suggests the product can be used after traumatic brain injuries to reduce swelling and pressure in the brain.

Improving digestion

An unbalanced diet leads to gastrointestinal disorders, bloating, constipation, and other unpleasant issues. When harmful bacteria accumulate in the digestive tract, it can also lead to food sensitivity and even irritable bowel syndrome, both of which are conditions that can really threaten your health.

Fulvic acid helps prevent these issues by securing the body with the necessary probiotics, fatty acids, electrolytes, and minerals that can improve digestive health. What’s more, it can also help prevent gut issues, such as a leaky gut, a condition that prompts food particles to enter the bloodstream and trigger an autoimmune reaction.

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