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The Evolution of Cannabis Shops Design

21 Oct 2020

Evolution of Cannabis Shops Design

The Evolution of Cannabis Shops Design Article

The legalization of marijuana has had several impacts on the world and the industry itself. A business that was initially kept hidden, one that was considered to be a ‘dangerous black market’ is the same one that nowadays is seen in sparkling green and glitter. We can attribute this to the slow acknowledgment that science has taken towards cannabis’s undeniable medical properties. To this day, already more than 50 countries around the world have lifted the medical cannabis barriers, making the use of CBD legal.

There is such an infinite amount of things that have changed ever since the world opened up towards marijuana that we will need to limit ourselves not to beat around the bush too much. So, as we have mentioned before, what once was considered a black market is now dressing huge, luxurious and design stores spread all over the world.

There are even some specialized companies that are in charge of setting up and designing dispensaries, seeds banks, and grow shops. In case you are not familiar with the terms, in the cannabis culture, a dispensary is considered a store where you can buy your marijuana, a grow shop is the one responsible for selling the supplies to grow cannabis; and seeds banks are companies such as Fast Buds, who are in charge of selling cannabis seeds.

Just like most shop’s interior designs became one of the most important aspects of customer experience, with highly elaborate decorations, looking almost like sci-fi movies some of them, head to New York’s Times Square and you will see my point, design has arrived at marijuana dispensaries and grow shops as well. Say goodbye to the old dark rooms with blacked-out windows and welcome the new smart interiorly designed, bright and perfumed today’s dispensaries.

What does the ideal cannabis store look like? Well, to begin with, art and marijuana seem to be best friends, so prepare to see some funky and colorful decorations, graffiti, abstract paintings, neon signs, sculptures, and anything your mind can conceive. In the second place, prepare your nostrils to be amazed, you will probably even carry some delicious green perfume on you as you walk out of your nearby dispensary.

Another characteristic most marijuana shops share in common is the crystal clean displaying glasses in which they show off their best quality green products with lots of pride, with glass so clean you might feel tempted to grab them. Furthermore, do not feel surprised if you see plants surrounding you all over the place, and not only cannabis plants, just decoration!

The thing is, weed affectionates tend to be keen on Botanics once they get started as growers, and they grow fond of all sorts of plants, in fact, you will notice many cultivators probably have their own fruits and vegetable garden. At these grow shops not only will you find the supplies for growing your marijuana plants but also for your regular home plants, and make sure you do ask the working staff for advice since they are usually experienced cultivators who will know how to address your doubts.

Now that we have mentioned them, we are not looking to put anyone into stereotype boxes but the staff in these stores are usually extremely friendly people, who enjoy doing what they do for a living and helping out their customers. Of course, there are always exceptions to the rule, but stories about people who end up hanging out, or even becoming good friends with the workers at the store are not all that rare.

Lastly, when it comes to style, well, every single brand has its own footprint, so putting everyone in the same bag would be a crime. So, generally speaking, don’t feel surprised if you find a vast variety of dispensaries or grow shop styles, from ultra-modern, minimalist black or white, to woody rustic stores. The wooden ones are usually the most common stores you’ll see, with clean and smooth floors and wooden furniture, both rustic and modern.

One extra point before we conclude, a dispensary can look stylish, well-polished and all but customer’s favorites are the ones including a lounge area, with a few comfy couches and good music blasting in the background to sit down and relax before you continue your day.

The world of cannabis stores’ design is still quite new and it won’t be long until you start hearing about innovative shops and their new looks. If you’re an interior designer this could be your chance to shine!

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