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Everything you need to know about online roulette

Sep 11, 2020

Everything you need to know about online roulette

Gaming that excites a man has been popular since ancient times and betting on them has been practiced throughout history. However, in every case, the house has always the advantage. That’s why the majority of gamblers lose their money on all kinds of bets.

Before the advent of internet technology, gamblers have only one option, and that is the casino. But technology and the internet are now presenting unlimited opportunities that also include online betting.

Everything to know about online roulette guide

Online roulette is one of the popular games in live casinos. This post will tell you all about it. So, keep reading further. It will educate you as well as amuse you.

What is roulette?

It is a game where a ball spins on a wheel a few times, then it settles down on a spot that has a number. Players place bets on one spot or multiple spots. If the ball stops at the player’s spot, then the house pays the player 35 times the bet or 38 times the bet. Check out mobile roulette apps.

If the ball does not stop at the player’s spot, then the player loses the bet. Generally, a roulette round takes about 2 minutes that include 30 seconds of the ball rolling. It means that players win or lose in about less than a minute. That’s why it excites the players and most players play it in order to feel the rush of blood in their veins.

Types of roulette

Here are two types of roulette used in casinos all over the world. One is the American version and the other is the European version.

The American version has 35 spots and the winner gets 35 to 1 odds. It means if you place a bet of $1, then on winning, you will get $35.

The European version has 38 spots and the winner gets 38 to 1 odds. It means if you place a bet of $1, then on winning, you will get $38.

Almost all casinos have both versions available for players. Some prefer to play the American version and some prefer to play the European version. However, professional players always choose the European version because it has better chances of winning, along with better payouts.

What is online roulette?

It is a digital version of the roulette. There is no physical wheel and a ball. You have to play on a computer-generated interface. That is opened in a web browser. The spot is determined by an algorithm that has millions of probabilities. That’s why no one can predict the next spot. Even a mathematical genius cannot calculate the probability.

Almost all live casino portals provide this game for players and there is a huge population that plays it every day.

Advantages of online roulette

The online version of roulette has many advantages over physical roulette. Below here is the detail.


The physical roulette has one major problem. It has biasedness. When a ball hits a spot, then it leaves a tiny dent on the wheel. That makes the ball hit the spot in the next turns. If a wheel has many dents, then it will always select some spots and leave other spots. Due to this, players can also predict spots and bet on them. Moreover, a newbie can also lose his/her money betting on the wrong spots.

Online roulette does not have any biasedness. The spot will be determined by an algorithm that is impossible to predict. This way, the selection of the spot will be natural.

One can play with demo money

Online casinos provide the option to play with demo money. Players can play the roulette for practice as long as they want. This gives the opportunity to newbies. As a result, you can learn the game and practice it before betting with your real money.

Some casinos also provide the option to win real money with demo money. However, the winning is always small like $5 to $10.

You do not have to go to the casino

When you go to a physical casino, then you have to commute to it. That involves your time, money, and effort. Most of the time, people get drunk and place foolish bets. That is always the wrong decision. However, by playing online, you save your time, along with the money spent on traveling and on other amenities of the casino.

You do not have to deal with croupiers and listen to angry people

When you are in a physical casino, then you have to listen to noises and angry players from all sides. That clouds the judgment and a person always bet in a rush without calculation. However, online roulette provides a person with a calm environment where a person can calculate well and use strategies in the best way.

Moreover, many croupiers in casinos try to rip players with their tricks. Most people do not know that and fall into traps easily. The online casino saves the player from ripping. There is no one to suggest and cloud the judgment.

Online roulette is fair: you can play at your own pace

In a physical casino, you have to play at the table when you get a chance. If there is a crowd on the table, then you have to wait for your turn. That takes a lot of time. Moreover, roulette compels you to bet again and again. However, by playing online, you can start your game at any time and stop it at any time. This gives you time for calculation, understanding the odds, and making strategies.

If you are in a physical casino, then you have to struggle with your judgment and calculation. Most players do wrong calculations because they do not have enough time for it.

Everything to know about online roulette – Wrap up

Now, you know everything about online roulette, its algorithm, benefits, and how you can play it with demo money. If you have a choice between physical roulette and online one, then you should choose the online version. It’s because it has better chances of winning. Have a great day.

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