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Different Business Card Mockup Designs

20 Jan 2020

With the help of a good business card mock up, it will be easy for you to sell your brand and work. These mockups will enable you to showcase your superb designing skills to your customers or create unique business cards for your own business.

However, just like the business cards, you can also perform banner mockup as well, which will allow you to create realistic and convincing banners for your brand. It will help in attracting a good deal of customers, which will help your brand to receive an increase in sales. Along with the mockups that will bring life to your designs, but with a good logo maker, you can create a perfect and attractive logo that allows potential customers to recognize your brand and the type of products and services you provide.

Get an idea of different business card mockup designs

Business Card Designs

Types of business card mockup design

The realistic mockup features will enable you to create business cards that will provide a sleek and stylish appearance. The features like adjustable shadows and changeable backgrounds will enable you to create high-quality and beautiful business cards. Given below are some of the ideas of various types of business card mockups designs:

  • Business cards with floral mockup: This type of business card design is suitable for creating a cute post on Instagram. The design is considered to be efficient and elegant as the mockup stands out to be delightful and carries soft colors.
  • Business cards with colorful modern mockup:Try to shake things up with the help of an attractive and unique geometric design. This mockup design is colorful and carries a trendy element that can be adjusted easily. You can either adjust the color for more options or just leave it on the plain white background.
  • Business cards on a clip mockup:This is one of the most captivating and latest designs for the business card mockup. You can edit and change the color of the background and also edit the artwork if you wish to add or remove designs.
  • iPhone business cards mockup:Create a beautiful iPhone style business card with a top view. You can try updating the objects with your graphics to experience the effect of this outstanding business card mockup within a few seconds. It is guaranteed that you will love it.
  • Flying business cards mockup:Make your business hover in the air with a superb and creative mockup. It will help in providing a photo-realistic experience, where three of the business cards will be on focus. It will blur the rest of the cards on the background, which will provide an impressive effect.
  • Stacked up business cards mockup:Set up rows of cards on a compelling angle with the help of this mockup. The design has a built-in smart object for both the back and front designs. This mockup will enable you to create realistic effects with the help of lighting and shadows.

Ending Note!

There are numerous types of mockup designs for business cards to choose from. You can use any shade of color, pattern, design and also get to insert your brand’s logo. Take the help of the mockup option and create a business card that will represent your brand well.

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