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How to Detect Shady Casino Sites

16 Jan 2023

Detect Shady Casino Sites

Online casino is one of the most lucrative iGaming industry at present. It is popular all over the world and many gambling enthusiasts bet online. This prompted entrepreneurs to venture into online casinos. For this reason, some virtual punters seemed skeptical about trying out other casino sites for fear that the site might be a fraud. Genuine online casinos like new UK online casinos are guaranteed to have updated licenses and religiously follow the regulations imposed by the gambling jurisdiction and their country’s law.

What makes Online Wagering famous?

One of the biggest factors for an iGaming to be all the rage is its convenience. Wagering becomes ubiquitous since Microgaming software introduced the possibility of online betting using a mobile phone during the advent of smartphones in 2004. Though its pacing was a bit slow due to cyber issues and the conservative mindset of the punters back then, it surely kept on traversing until it skyrocketed in 2019. Currently, the Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of the virtual wagering market increased to 10.4%. This proves that it grew from 2021’s $73.2 billion to $81.08 in 2022.

Another reason for its fame is its numerous bonuses and generous benefits. Return to Player(RPT) is also higher in the online casino which ranges from 90 to 97%.

Rogue Casino

A rogue casino is a casino site whose intention is to fool the player for their money. This site practices unfair dealings with the players and in the end, the player will realize that they have been deceived.

Listed below are basic guidelines for identifying a shady betting site:

  1.     Winnings are not received promptly

Granting you are already on the site, it is advised that you observe the site transfer. If it takes too long to get your winning,

  1.     Changing the Terms and Conditions

Terms and condition is introduced to the player by the site and if the player wins, the casino site immediately revises it to prevent the player from winning. It will be discovered when the player asked for their winnings and they are denied their payout.

  1.     Lenient jurisdictions

Some license authorities grant licenses to rouge casinos to operate because they failed to detect that some sites are fraudulent. For this reason, it is best advised that players should be vigilant and check further before signing up.

  1.     Huge bonuses

Online casino is noted for their generosity but then again, this is business. The reason for its numerous bonuses and benefits is to lure players to sign up and it’s not easy to get one’s winning. However, if the online casino site offers out-of-this-world bonuses, this is a surefire that the site is a fraud.

  1.     Unresponsive Customer Service

A customer service’s job is to entertain all queries 24/7. This is an important job in an online casino since one of the CSR’s jobs is to market the site and for the players to feel that they are not entertained by a robot. If you inquired about something and you did not get an answer for many days, It is advised to go to the next site.

  1.     Insufficient funds

If you are already on the casino site and you claim your winning, if the site notifies you that they lack sufficient funds to pay for your winnings, this is a pure scam. Decent betting sites always have sufficient money to give their players winnings.

How to Detect Shady Casino Sites – Final Insight

There are more ways to detect a fraud betting site. Some manifest in their platform, others in how the site’s representative treat their players.

Betting sites are supposed to be fun but it cannot also be avoided that scams will be encountered in betting sites hence, betting enthusiasts should be vigilant.

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