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Decentralization of Cryptocurrencies Reduces Risks Advice

19 Jun 2021

The world of cryptocurrency revolves around money. With money being the goal and motivation of most investors, several of them have piqued an interest in cryptocurrency. This interest started as understanding how the currency works and what made it special compared to the regular legal tenders.

Decentralization of Cryptocurrencies Reduces Risks

Decentralization of Cryptocurrencies Reduces Risks Guide

The difference between them is cryptocurrency being operated by a decentralized system rather than a centralized system which is being used by fiat currencies. The decentralization in lay terms directly implies that cryptocurrencies do not have a singular source that controls their flow and distribution in society. Decentralization of cryptocurrency is important because it helps investors identify more stable coins. The more decentralized a coin is, the more its likelihood of longevity and stability.

This is because more decentralized cryptocurrencies are less in circulation. This creates scarcity, making the coin more valuable in the long run. In the world of technology, the term decentralization is more complicated. Here a coin is either decentralized or not, there is no in-between. However, this perception of decentralization is flawed because decentralization involves a wide range of aspects that make it up.

An aspect of this makeup is the peer-to-peer system which is based on blockchain. The good news about decentralization technology for investors is that it is based on a system that is run by several interconnected parts. As such, the system cannot be shut down or controlled. Investors are after making a profit. This implies a reduction of the risks to the bare minimum. Check out

Risks can be either systematic or u systematic. The systematic risk is impossible to escape because they are faced by the country on a grand scale. This could involved government policies that may not favor a particular kind of investment. Unsystematic risks on the other hand can be controlled to an extent. The best way of controlling this type of risk is diversification. However, this option is not required because cryptocurrencies are not affected by most of unsystematic risks other investments carry. The ways decentralization strengthens this system are:

Decentralization of Cryptocurrencies Reduces Failure Risk

  • Lack of single-point failure

In a centralized system, it is quite common to experience single-point failures. This is because, in centralized systems, the government can access and make use of the information of the investors. Usually, this is normal but there have been incidents where these systems have suddenly failed.

These failures are rarely on a group basis, they are usually from a single point. An example of this is google shutting down for a few minutes or a major banking system being shut down for maintenance purposes. As such, people are unable to make any transactions in that period. In investment terms, this could imply losing millions in minutes. In a decentralized system, the downfall of one node can’t drag the entire system down.

This is what helps reduce your risk of loss. As a result of this you can carry your transactions without any fear of running into loss based on a source being down. This is why BitQT official website runs for executing cryptocurrency transactions 24/7. The rate of the integration and development of cryptocurrencies may lead to a reduction in the overall use of banking facilities in the economy.

  • Less censorship with open development systems.

With the government having absolute control in a centralized system, major online platforms can be shut down. This is currently the case in Nigeria, Africa for example. The federal government shut down Twitter. This could have been any other financial platform being shit down. In a decentralized system, the operation of a peer-to-peer system makes it nearly impossible for the government to shut down. The accessibility to the network by anyone implies they can constantly design tools and products to keep the system running. This makes transactions safe and always available to anyone on the system.

Nothing is filled with all ups and no downs. The downs of decentralized systems are that they can be quite expensive to develop. The large price tag still is no assurance that it will be completed speedily; as creating decentralized systems takes time. However, in the grand scheme of things, the use of a decentralized system offers major safety and stability for an extended period.

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