Dabbing products for your house

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Dabbing products for your house: Make a Smart Purchase

19 Nov 2021

Dabbing Products For Your House

Dabbing is currently the newest, safest, and most exciting way to consume cannabis extract. Its invention was mainly aimed at solving the intimidating and uneasy process of inhaling the plant extract to prevent its dangers.

A Lot of people keep wondering what exactly dabbing is? To explain the process, dabbing is the method of vaporizing and consuming a cannabis oil concentrate using a dab rig or even wax pen. This method is made by putting your perceived amount of extract on a hot surface and vaporizing it. It is also commonly referred to as vaping.

What Do I Consider When Buying A Dabber?

Just like every other item in the market, there are things you should consider and make priority before purchasing a dabber. This article is aimed at enlightening you on what to look out for before purchasing one.

Quality Airflow

Airflow is an extremely important thing to consider when it comes to choosing a dabber. Besides, that is the point of having one. The ability to change the airflow and a physical design that promotes high-performance air intake is crucial. Furthermore, dab atomizers from Dr. Dabber have room for increased airflow because this makes it less harsh on the throat. After all, a decreased airflow can be harsh on the throat, offers less vapor, and has a tighter, warmer draw. It is only suitable to consider this because of your health and comfort.

Dabbing Products For Your House

USB Charging

Many marijuana atomizers usually have a USB charging port. So any dabber that requires you to unscrew it before charging may be a little behind the times as it could be pretty inconvenient and simply unnecessary when so many dabbers have USB and magnetic USB charging cords so that you can have it plugged anywhere at any time it runs out of battery.

Long-lasting Battery Power

Although your atomizer should have a charging port to allow you to charge at any time, it is no news that no one wants to carry around a dead atomizer or one with lousy battery life. This is why it is essential to buy one that has the best battery life available.

You certainly wouldn’t want to be in the middle of a festival or on a long road trip with a dead atomizer. Opt for an atomizer that has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. As a casual user, you can expect a week’s worth of battery life from one charge.


Although the style or shape of a dabber may not be the most crucial factor to consider when choosing an atomizer, it certainly matters. Therefore, it is advised that you look for atomizer brands that offer a sleek design with various colors and aesthetic features that please your style to make you feel good. It is common knowledge that your style defines you, and since looking good is feeling good, why not choose an atomizer that allows you to dab in your most preferred style?

Dabbing products for your house summary

Dabbing has been proven to have lots of health benefits, and that is the main reason you should invest in good and reliable dab atomizers as they are what you need to have a great and enjoyable dab session.

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