Coronavirus and the online gambling industry

Coronavirus and the online gambling industry, Thriving or surviving lockdown, Covid architecture developments

Coronavirus and the Online Gambling Industry

8 Apr 2021

To say that the pandemic has altered the way our lives have panned out would be something of an understatement. With some people celebrating their second birthday in a row in lockdown, and with various industries decimated by the impacts of lockdown, there has been increased popularity into the full effects of the pandemic on the world.

Coronavirus and the Online Gambling Industry

While some industries have carried on as usual – think of the essential grocery stores that have remained open throughout – there are some others that were brought to a standstill, like that of the hospitality and creative industries.

However, settled between these two ends of the spectrum are a variety of industries that have continued trading throughout the pandemic and subsequent lockdowns, but differently.

The online gambling industry is one such example. Fans of casinos and betting shops turned to the online world to keep up with their hobbies and to ensure that their knowledge or skill of the game did not decrease too much.

With this in mind, we will be considering how the Coronavirus Pandemic impacted the online gambling industry and whether it has thrived throughout the last year or is merely surviving. Read on for more.

Coronavirus and the Online Gambling Industry Guide

Before the Pandemic

Before the pandemic struck, the online and in-person gambling industries were relatively healthy. Providing a significant contribution to the country’s overall economy, there is no doubt that this is an industry that chugs along, behind the scenes for many, but at the forefronts of the minds of others.

With the gambling industry contributing approximately 14.4 billion pounds to the economy in 2018, there is no surprise that many expressed an avid interest in continuing their usual habits throughout lockdown, but in the online world instead of in-person.

While the overall amount would not have come solely from in-person or online gambling, there is no doubt that the industry took a hit as a result of the pandemic, just as much as any others. With some studies finding that there was an increase in the number of people who tuned into the online gambling world at the first signs of lockdown hitting the country, this leads us to the following point.

We will be considering the impacts of the pandemic on the online gambling industry specifically and what the shutdown of in-person venues meant for this aspect of the gambling world.

During the Pandemic and Subsequent Lockdowns

There is no surprise that many people turned to their laptops and computers to get them through lockdown; how else were we meant to keep in contact with loved ones? Not to mention filling up some of the spare time that we now found on our hands due to being placed on furlough or working from home.

Following the first lockdown measures being introduced in March 2020, sports events and other popular events that are frequently bet on were cancelled. Those who enjoyed placing a bet on their favourite sports team could no longer do so. Not to mention, those who enjoyed a day at the casino with their friends could no longer do this either. Life had undoubtedly changed for us all.

Increased Searches

However, while in-person gambling had essentially been called off altogether, the same could not be said for the online gambling industries. Google Trends at the beginning of the pandemic found that searches for online casinos hit an all-time high – see

Furthermore, some online gambling providers across the globe noted an exponential increase in the number of people who signed up for their services in the same time period. There is undoubtedly a correlation to be noted here.

While increased searches for online casinos may well be the case, we can see the appeal; you can find websites that offer a range of free bonuses and spins, there are a vast range of fun games to play, and you could even make friends in a virtual space.

An ideal way to kill some time for many, or so it appears that way. It could well have provided an opportunity to socialise for those who were isolated during this time.

For those interested in venturing into this online world for themselves, or for those interested in finding out what the hype is all about, consider checking out the reviews of websites provided by the likes of Online Casinos.

What Will the Post-Pandemic Gambling Industry Look Like?

Much like that of other aspects of the country and broader economy, it is challenging to accurately estimate what the industry will look like as we continue to emerge from current Government restrictions.

As non-essential businesses begin to reopen, and with sporting events continuing as usual, there is the opportunity for things to return to some sort of normality over time. However, while this is very well the case, questions might begin to form as to the future of the online gambling industry and whether it will continue to remain as popular as it has done in the last twelve months.

For the most part, the vast majority of the population cannot wait to return to normality, where they will be able to freely meet up with friends and family in person. While this is very well the case, there will no doubt be some people who are somewhat more apprehensive at going straight back to what we once knew.

Not to mention, with increased accessibility to the online gambling world, through the likes of websites and apps on mobile devices, there is the opportunity for people to partake in this from the comfort of their homes, as well as on the go.

Baring this in mind, there is no doubt that the in-person gambling industry will pick up once restrictions are lifted – refer to this article on Let’s be honest; it can’t be any worse than the effects of last year on the sector surely!

We hope you have found this piece interesting and insightful and feel like you know a bit more about the pandemic’s impacts on the gambling industry as a whole. While it may take some time for it to recover – like its many counterparts – there is no doubt that it will come back stronger than ever, thanks to the support from increased interest in the online gambling world.

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