Comprehensive Info on the Big Bash League

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A Comprehensive Info on the Big Bash League

7 July 2022

The Big Bash League is nearly as popular as the Indian Premier League in the cricket franchise. It merely falls short in viewership and player quality, but it is innovative in every dimension.

The BBL, like the IPL, garners several players from all around the world, making the league exciting. The 2020-21 edition of the Big Bash League began on 10th December, and it was an exciting competition up until the end.

If you care to know more about the BBL and what to expect, you’re looking in the right place. This article tells you all you need to know about the Big Bash League.

Comprehensive Info on the Big Bash League

Big Bash League: Here’s Everything You Need to Know

What is the Big Bash League?

The Big Bash League is an Australian T20 cricket competition launched in 2011. It is similar to the IPL structure, having different teams based in various cities. Eight teams were established and connected to six cities, with Melbourne and Sydney having two teams. The other teams were represented in cities like Hobart, Adelaide, Brisbane, and Perth.

The league is well-known for its innovative methods of playing the sport and introducing exciting elements.

Quick History of the Big Bash League

Cricket Australia introduced the Twenty20 league in 2011 and has been sponsored by the fast-food restaurant KFC since its inception. The sponsorship was so influential that the league was sometimes called the KFC Big Bash League.

The BBL has had ten seasons, with this year’s edition (Big Bash League 2021-22) being the eleventh to run its course. After its creation in 2011, it was scheduled to grow further in its second year. Newcastle, Geelong, the Gold Coast, and Canberra were nominated as teams.

Down the line, a team based in New Zealand was also intended, but things didn’t go as planned. The league’s growth was halted due to a lack of appropriate hosting facilities in the selected cities. However, with time and much investment, the selected locations supported cricket facilities, and the development continued.

The competition is held in Australia throughout the warmer periods of December, January, and February. Before 2014, it held a T20 Champions League Tournament, which the top two clubs in the league usually qualified for. And like the UEFA Champions League franchise, the T20 Champions League was held amongst the top teams from various domestic T20 cricket leagues worldwide.

The Big Bash League Teams

Below are the eight BBL teams:

  • Sydney Sixers
  • Melbourne Renegades
  • Melbourne Stars
  • Hobart Hurricanes
  • Brisbane Heat
  • Perth Scorchers
  • Sydney Thunder
  • Adelaide Strikers

These are the eight city-based franchises in the league, with several titles won between them. However, the Adelaide Crows and Perth Scorchers are the most successful, with three and four titles, respectively. Four of the remaining eight teams have won at least one BBL championship.

The Sydney Sixers won the first BBL title in 2011-12 by defeating the Perth Scorchers in an interesting final. The Brisbane Heat won the second title under Darren Lehmann before the Perth Scorchers claimed back-to-back victories in 2013-14 and 2014-15. Several years on, both the Scorchers and the Sixers are still among the most competitive teams in the sport, reaching the knockout rounds regularly.

After no four-seal appearances, the Sydney Thunder won their first title in 2015-16. The Perth Scorchers re-emerged winners the next season, defeating their bitter rivals, the sixers, yet again, after their previous back-to-back victories. The Adelaide Strikers won their maiden trophy in 2018, beating the Hobart Hurricanes. Also, the Melbourne Renegades won their first title in 2019 following a tough victory over the Melbourne Stars in the grand final.

The latest BBL winners are the Perth Scorchers. They won their fourth title in January 2022 after defeating the Sydney Sixers in the final of BBL’s 11th season. This season marked their fifth clash in a final, with the Perth Scorchers claiming four more wins leaving the Sydney Sixers with only one.

About 61 matches, counting playoff games, were played this season, and three games were played on the final day of the league competition; all of these influenced the Big Bash League odds. The 11th season of the Big Bash League ran from 5th December 2021 to 28th January 2022, and the next is expected to begin again in December.

The Big Bash League: Tournament Format

The tournament hosts at least 56 league games, producing five clubs for playoff qualification. The fourth and fifth-placed teams in the group stage will compete in ‘The Eliminator’ while the top two teams will compete in ‘The Qualifier’ rounds the following day. The Eliminator winner will face the side that finished third in the league stage in a game named ‘The Knock-Out.’

Then, the loser of ‘The Qualifier’ will face the winner of ‘The Knock-Out’ in ‘The Challenger’ round. Finally, the winner of this match will face the victor of ‘The Qualifier’ in ‘The Final.’


The Big Bash League is an exciting cricket competition to be a part of. Each franchise brings energy and entertainment to the pitch, and the games are often electric to watch. With innovations and score regulations being introduced in the competition, there’s always a twist in the outcomes.

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