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Lifestyle: CBD oil is the natural solution to well-being at work

27 October 2023

A number of factors can cause stress at work. One of these is anxiety.

Legally authorised for sale, cannabidiol (CBD), such as CBD Weed, is known for its many virtues. Unlike THC, this cannabinoid is non-psychoactive, “not a drug”.

Many media outlets, television channels and websites relay information about CBD, and not for nothing – cannabidiol is good for you. Discovered in the 80s, it took several years before it was marketed and became widely known. Wellness is a booming sector worldwide, and work is vitally important if we are to meet our needs. So, it was essential for us to tackle this subject.

CBD oil is natural solution to well-being at work
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CBD oil is the natural solution to well-being at work – reduce stress

Stress at work can be caused by a variety of factors, including:

  • anxiety ;
  • sleep problems
  • lack of time
  • tedious work;
  • poor communication with the team and colleagues; – too much responsibility
  • too much responsibility;
  • fear of being made redundant, etc.

CBD’s action on well-being and stress relief

It has been proven that cannabidiol, abbreviated to CBD, leads to a state of happiness by acting in conjunction with serotonin. This neurotransmitter acts on several levels in the body, including mood management and feelings of well-being.

CBD, therefore, enables people who consume it to relax and achieve that state of happiness that is sometimes difficult to attain when under stress. CBD does not affect the central nervous system, so that you won’t feel disconnected. There’s no soaring, high or exhilarating euphoria with legal cannabis!

Well-being at work thanks to CBD

As mentioned above, there are many different ways to feel good or better at work! Depending on the employer, feeling completely well or promoting general well-being isn’t easy. If you’re stressed, one solution may be to take CBD. If you take CBD before going to work, you’ll feel less stressed and feel better overall. CBD oil is an alternative to taking chemical drugs to face and overcome difficult moments. Take the example of a worker in a noisy factory.

CBD will enable him to focus less on the ambient noise and, therefore, to experience less stress. This stress will be reduced, and the beneficial effects will be significant over the long term. We can also take the example of construction workers working in sometimes challenging conditions where noise and the weather are no picnic. CBD would enable them to focus less on the noise and thus achieve a better quality of well-being at work. Long live CBD!

CBD increases productivity

CBD has many positive effects on creativity and productivity. Hemp or light cannabis comprises cannabinoids like CBD, THC, and terpenes. Terpenes are a type of natural aroma with many benefits, like essential oils.

Terpenes, such as alpha-pinene, help to improve concentration, memory and creativity. Moreover, their anti-stress properties help improve concentration and prevent attention problems. This makes you more efficient and motivated.

Strengthen your mind with CBD

Terpenes have a positive effect on mood:

  • beta-caryophyllene boosts morale and puts you in a good mood;
  • Limonene improves mood and gives you energy.

CBD also acts as a stabiliser for our body systems, including those that regulate our mood. It is therefore recommended in the treatment of depression and mood disorders.

In addition, less stress and better sleep automatically positively affect mood.

CBD oil well-being stress relief bottle
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Full-spectrum CBD oil improves sleep

While CBD influences creativity and productivity during the day but regulates sleep, its anti-stress effects are exerted by immersing the body in a moment of relaxation. Relaxation calms the mind and encourages sleep.

Recent studies also prove that CBD combines with melatonin to regulate sleep. This can contribute to deeper, more restful sleep.

Is it advisable to take CBD at work?

There are no contraindications to using CBD in the workplace. The fact that this cannabinoid has no psychotropic effects likely to alter the consumer’s state of consciousness is an advantage. It can be taken as a vape by people who are used to smoking cigarettes, and the relaxing effects are immediate.

  • CBD oil taken sublingually is another excellent way to enjoy the benefits of CBD in the workplace.
  • The same goes for CBD infusions, which can be taken at any time of day.
  • Taking CBD orally helps it to dissipate in the body more generally.

CBD does not cause effects associated with overdosing, but it is advisable to gradually increase the dosage in order to target its effects and become familiar with the substance.

Does CBD oil expire

How can CBD be used to relax?

If you’re feeling stressed, you can choose from relaxing herbal teas and calming herbal teas made with CBD, lavender, camomile, lemon balm, valerian, hawthorn or even orange blossom.

CBD infusions can relieve specific anxiety-related ailments and calm the nervous system. Thanks to these remedies, you can regain your serenity. You need to wait for the tea to digest for the effects to take effect.

Cannabidiol comes in several forms, but CBD oil is the best against stress.

CBD oil can be an excellent remedy for dealing with stressful situations or moments of panic. To do this, open the bottle, squeeze the pipette and place 3 to 4 drops of CBD oil under the tongue, then keep in the mouth for at least three minutes for the best effects.

A few drops of CBD oil are enough to relax you and your muscles. It can be taken at any time of day.

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