Casino Bonus hunting guide

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Casino Bonus Hunting Guide

21 June 2022

Casino Bonus hunting guide online

Bonus hunting is nothing more than catching bonuses at an online casino. This phenomenon has spread throughout the gaming establishments on the Internet, probably every player at least once, but tried to hunt for bonuses, get a bunch of them, and did nothing. That was before, today to get the bonus is just as easy, but taking it away is another story.

Marketing methods in online gambling worked differently. What was successfully applied in a regular casino, in the online casino lost its effectiveness. So, land-based casinos could visually select the players to whom to award the bonus. Online casinos had to give out cashback bonuses to everyone – see t its effectiveness. So, land-based casinos could visually select the players to whom to award the bonus. Online casinos had to give out It was a forced practice, it was necessary somehow to attract players to their site and declare it.

Casino Bonuses

Bonuses fulfilled their task one hundred percent, and online casinos and many online resources from this have become popular. But this phenomenon had a side effect – bonus-hunting. The more gambling clubs appeared on the Internet, the more the number of casino bonus hunters grew. News of free freebies grew at a rate of word of mouth until gaming operators have not realized the danger of such a trend.

And the danger is that the casinos began to under-receive profits exactly by the number of issued bonuses for the day, week, month, etc. And the players were not limited to their accounts, they began to register their relatives and friends and receive bonuses in their names. They didn’t even try to hide their activities, making videos, showing their achievements on forums, or streaming how they were earning at the online casino.

Casino Bonus hunting guide

Bonus Hunting in online casinos

Often, if you create an account at a casino offering a bonus, you will not be able to meet the conditions of “wagering”, and you’ll simply be left with nothing. Here’s what you need to get the same bonus more than once (by making several attempts to wager the bonus, the chances of withdrawing from the casino increases):

  1. Copies of documents. Depending on the casino, you may need both sets of documents per person, such as a passport/rights/utility bill, or just a copy of your passport.
  2. Mailboxes. As many as you have sets of documents.
  3. Install an anonymizer. There are paid programs and paid VPNs, but for novice hunters, it is better to use a simple plugin for Opera and Chrome – VPN service. With it, you can use six different IPs with the click of a button.
  4. Be sure to clear your browser history. All browsers save cookies, cache, etc. – so that the casino could not determine that you create a fake account, it’s necessary to clean it all using internal browser tools, in Opera and Chrome it is done elementary.

Steps to get bonuses

Some casinos may detect your re-registrations in some other way (by hardware serial number or similar), in this case, multi-accounting in this casino will be extremely difficult, and the possibility of profit at such serious costs drops dramatically. In general, such an earning scheme can be profitable, and it all depends on your diligence and stamina.

The sequence of steps to get bonuses on fake accounts is as follows:

  1. Go to the casino website, and register an account for the 1st set of documents.
  2.  If you receive a bonus, you play, if you lose, skip to 3. If you win, send the casino the entire set of documents and put the funds to withdraw. The necessary amount you need to pay or make the first deposit, as some casinos require it, and also immediately put the entire amount for cashout.
  3. In the settings of your browser, clear all the cookies, history, and temporary files
  4. Set another country to VPN service. The IP will be changed automatically.
  5. Go to point #1 and so on.

Casino Bonus hunting guide Conclusion

The phenomenon of bonus-hunters is beneficial primarily to the casinos themselves, affiliate programs, and various kinds of moneymakers: webmasters and owners of popular blogs. This is just another good marketing ploy.

At the same time, the owners of casinos and betting shops should be wary of such gamblers. The conditions for receiving a freebet should be such that they can be fulfilled only to the benefit of the company. At the same time, these conditions should not be too complicated, as they will scare away not only hunters but also ordinary users.

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