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6 Things to know before buying Quality Kratom Powder

8 Jun 2021

Do you know what Kratom is? Are you thinking of entering the amazingly snowballing business of Kratom as a vendor or distributor? Are you also looking for top quality Kratom powder?

Let us help you with that.

Buying quality Kratom powder

Kratom is a traditional herbal supplement produced from a tree that is native to Southeast Asia. The scientific name of that tree is Mitragyna speciosa and it belongs to the coffee family, Rubiaceae. This herb has the potential to alleviate your pain, anxiety, stress and insomnia all at the same time. Isn’t it amazing to have such a wide range of effects in a single herb? Yes, it is. Kratom is an agonist, analgesic, stimulant, euphoric, antidepressant and anti-inflammatory agent. This is the reason this herbal supplement is being widely used worldwide.

The herb is getting acknowledged as beneficial in the healthcare, wellness and fitness industries. The demands and market of Kratom products are expanding. It is a psychoactive and dose-dependent drug. Kratom works its way through the opioid receptor pathway. 7-OH Mitragynine & Mitragynine are the two main alkaloids in Kratom that bind to opioid receptors in the brain and activate them. These receptors, on activation, stimulate the release of feel-good hormones, endorphins.

There are also other plants similar to kratom on the supplement market. One example of this is kava kava, which contains substances called kavapyrones that act much like alcohol on your brain, making you feel calm, relaxed, and happy. The plant is also thought to relieve pain, prevent seizures, and relax muscles. If you’re interested in exploring this plant in addition to kratom, you may wish to learn more about where to buy Kava.

Kratom is available in the market as Powder, Capsules & Extract. Kratom Powder is in demand because people prefer using it.

Buying quality Kratom powder
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Different strains and colours of Kratom show different effects. Regular users and vendors know the importance of the quality of Kratom. Kratom is an expensive product. The leaves of the tree are harvested, dried and crushed to convert it into a fine powder. Many people, to sell it at a lower price, add additives in the Kratom powder.

The lower price might attract the customers once but they won’t come back. This is because a Kratom with hampered quality won’t show the desired effects. This is the reason that you should always buy bulk kratom powder as buying Kratom powder is a tricky task. You cannot see through the product and check if it is pure or not.

We will share some tips and tricks to buy top quality Kratom powder.

Things to consider while buying Kratom powder

Buying quality Kratom powder
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The quality of Kratom products is often complained about. One of the biggest reasons behind this is that Kratom products are not properly checked or tested. It is not yet approved by the FDA for consumption as a dietary supplement. Many countries have banned its use, possession or trade. Some countries have regulations to follow. Let us now discuss the things you should keep in mind while buying Kratom powder.

Choose your strain

Buying quality Kratom powder
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The first and most important step in using, buying or selling Kratom is to choose your strain. If you are a newbie, you will have to do proper research and some trial and error for the effects of different strains and then select the strain that suits you best. If you are a regular user you will already have a favourite strain. And if you are a vendor or distributor, your strain choice will depend on the demands of your customers and the stock you are holding.


Packaging of your Kratom product will tell you about the quality. The sellers who make efforts for efficient packaging take care of the quality of Kratom products. The Kratom powder should be packed properly to protect it from exposure to the sun and air. Storage conditions and packaging can affect how long kratom powder stays fresh. Kratom powder, if exposed to sunlight or air, will lose its efficiency. Buy the Kratom powder only with proper packaging.


The Kratom package of Kratom products should have a proper nutrition label. A nutrition label should clearly mention all the ingredients and their concentration in the powder. Never buy any packet of Kratom powder without a nutrition label.

Find a reliable and trusted brand

The number of online and offline Kratom vendors is increasing every day. You have multiple options to find a brand you can trust. The best way to check if the seller or brand is reliable is to go through the customer reviews. Reviews will clearly tell about the behaviour of the seller, how often he offers discounts; if he offers reward points to his loyal customers or not; if he is ready to compensate for the bad quality products or faulty deliveries or not.


Kratom products are lab-tested by third parties to check for impurities or additives. The process of obtaining Kratom powder from growing and harvesting the trees to delivering it to your doorstep is a tedious task. Many times, from the soil or improper handling, many impurities get added to the Kratom powder.

The impurities might include toxic heavy metals from soil or infectious microorganisms. All of this can affect your health adversely. So the top quality Kratom powder is clear from the impurities. If your vendor does not provide their lab test reports, think before buying from him. Any buyer sure of his Kratom quality will not hesitate to do the lab-test reports to his customers whenever asked. Many vendors publish their lab-test reports on their website to maintain transparency.

Buy wholesale

We all know that Kratom and its products are quite expensive. So, if you are a regular user or a distributor you can buy Kratom wholesale. Buying Kratom in bulk might get you some attractive discounts. If you are a vendor, you have to buy Kratom in bulk every time so that you have a stock of your customer’s favourite strains available every time they visit your store. Buying wholesale might prevent you from spending extra bucks on shipping charges.

Buying quality Kratom powder

The quality of Kratom products is such a concern for everybody because ultimately what you consume will affect your health. And health should be the utmost priority for everybody. Consumption and demand of Kratom powder are more than any other Kratom product. Many people prefer buying Kratom powder in bulk and making their own capsules. Kratom tastes bitter. So, instead of consuming it directly, people keep on trying to make Kratom intake delicious by mixing it with their favourite foods or beverages. Another reason for the high demand for Powder is that capsules take a little longer to show effects, unlike powder.

SO, next time you go to buy Kratom powder keep the above-mentioned things in mind and make sure it is of top quality.


Tips for Buying High-Quality Kratom Powder

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