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Budget Vacation to Kerala

Southern India Waterfront Trips – Malabar Coast Holiday on the Arabian Sea

30 May 2018

Budget Vacation to Kerala, South India

How to Plan a Budget Vacation to Kerala

The beach hub of India encompassing a number of tourist attractions, Kerala is definitely on everyone’s travel wish list. This lush green part of the country is famous for the spectacular beaches, coconut trees, backwaters, houseboats and much more. The city is among the most popular honeymoon spots across India.

Moreover, recently a backpack culture has emerged in the city for which every other person is looking for a budget trip without burning a hole in their pocket. The first step towards it is to look for the cheapest Kerala tour packages that can be easily found online. Below are some tips that you can follow to plan a budget trip for yourself.

Budget Vacation to Kerala waterfront India seaside

Opt for Homestay: Wherever you may have visited in India, you must have noticed the culture of people opening the doors for the travellers. These accommodations are quite comfortable and affordable which means you are not required to look for the luxurious as well as expensive hotels or resorts. Moreover, if you choose to stay with the local family there, you have an excellent opportunity to know about the unique culture of that area, and yes, you can also learn their language to a bit!

Public Transport: Public transport is anther way to save money in Kerala. Known as a pocket-friendly transport, city buses here help you explore the different regions of the city. However, you need to be very careful as all the road signs and display boards in the bus will be in their local language.

Planning: For every traveller, it is quite necessary to know about the place before moving out of the hotel room, and a guide can be of great help in that case. Alternatively, better planning with proper knowledge of the places can be a better option. Book your flights and rooms before the price rises, and you will get many discounts. Just plan a schedule for all the days for which you are here, and it is guaranteed that a planned trip will not let you miss any of the beautiful places.

Boat rides / Water Transport: When you are in Kerala, waterways are the best ways to explore the city. Covering the entire city, waterways are actually cheaper than any other means of transport in this city. When you take ferries to move from one river port to another, you save a lot of time and money as well.

Furthermore, you can divide the days for travelling to North Kerala, Central Kerala and South Kerala. This will help you cover all the major attractions in the city. Another factor you can opt for is to plan a trip during the off-season when you can avail huge discounts. You can get discounts on many activities, travel expenses and accommodation.

You can also hire a travel agency to prepare a budget plan for you or buy one of the cheapest Kerala tour packages that suit your requirement. You can make your booking in advance on the online ticket, and hotel booking portals where you can also claim so many discounts and your trip will automatically get affordable. This will not let the budget be the roadblock in your trip. The captivating beauty of the state will refresh your mood and usher you a new way to view your surroundings. Now, it’s time to plan an amazing vacation to Kerala!

Location: Kochi, Kerala, southern India, South Asia

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