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Best UK Sports Betting Providers

5 Mar 2022

Best UK Sports Betting Providers

Even if it seems so with the many betting providers on the market, sports betting is by no means a modern invention. Even in ancient times, bets were placed on sports. In principle, the idea is also simple, that a prediction is made about the outcome of sporting competition and the viewer thus once again assumes a very special role.

Basically, every sports bet is based on this principle, regardless of whether it is negotiated between friends over a crate of beer or with an online bookmaker without GamStop which has thousands of markets on offer.

Best UK Sports Betting Providers

Many of the large and reputable gambling providers also have sports betting in their programs. Reason enough for our team of experts to take a closer look at the best UK bookmakers and give a brief summary about them for our readers.

Successful betting at non GamStop bookmakers

Sports betting is, contrary to some opinions, not pure gambling, although of course related to it. In both cases, it is about probabilities, which can be narrowed down very precisely with a lot of knowledge in sports betting.

For example, in a football game, the victory of a team that is actually favoured, in which several key players are injured, is likely to become less likely. And the odds for the bet on this team will be increased by the non GamStop bookmaker.

The bet on the favourite seems even more appealing, especially since the possible betting win increases with the increasing betting odds. However, the probability of occurrence also goes down and the risk of losing the bet increases.

What do we conclude from this?

If you have absolutely no idea about sports, you will usually and in the long run also end up worse in non GamStop betting.

That would not necessarily be the case with pure gambling. The appeal of sports betting is therefore on the one hand in the profits, but above all on the occupation with the individual sports.

It can be stated that experience and knowledge are very important factors in order to be able to successfully place sports bets.

Because you never stop learning about non GamStop online sports betting and understanding the odds and markets is particularly important, we not only looked at the best providers on the market in the sports betting test but also dealt intensively with the topic of betting knowledge.

TIP: Beginners, in particular, should not simply place their bets blindly, but should first get an idea of the betting offer and familiarise themselves with the most important types of bets and betting strategies.

Types of non GamStop bets in sports betting

Sports betting is naturally about sports, although online betting sites now also offer social bets or bets on political events.

When it comes to sports alone, non GamStop betting providers have several dozen different disciplines and hundreds of events to choose from over the year. For example, a specific game on a game day. And for each event, there is a variety of betting options before or as part of the live bet during the event.

That alone gives an idea of the enormous scope the topic will have. And how diverse the pre-selection is before a player places the final bet.

Or to put it another way: there are almost thousands of betting opportunities for the customer every day.

What Are the Available Sports at Non GamStop Sites?

The offer on the betting sites is usually made according to sports and one thing quickly becomes clear: football is the number one betting sport.

No other discipline is given so much attention. From ante-post bets, combination or system bets to exciting live bets during the matches, everything is included – there are hardly any limits to the heart of a football fan. But of course, the betting offer is not limited to king football. Tennis, ice hockey and various other ball sports are also very popular.

And there is already a valuable tip from the editors for beginners: It is best to bet on sports that you are familiar with!

In our test procedure, we found that the betting providers have an average of around 15 to 30 different sports in their program.

For many passionate sports bettors, this can already be a selection criterion when looking for a non GamStop betting provider or if you have a particularly exotic sport in mind as a beginner.

As mentioned above, there are also some sports that can be found at any reputable online bookmaker: football, tennis, basketball and ice hockey. There is also volleyball, handball and American football.

Other popular betting sports include golf, motorsports, darts and boxing – albeit with significantly fewer followers than is the case with football betting. It then becomes more special, for example, with winter sports, curling or snooker.

Under all these sports there are then the various competitions and leagues. For example, football from Germany, England, Spain, etc. The non GamStop betting providers also differ greatly in this respect.

While some providers have everything in their program right down to the lower leagues, some no longer offer the 3rd league.

Politics and Entertainment Betting

Political bets or entertainment bets on social issues are also becoming increasingly popular at non GamStop bookmakers.

Best UK Sports Betting Providers

One no longer speaks of the classic sports bet. Bookmakers are increasingly offering odds for this form of special bet on their online platforms. There is, for example, the upcoming election, the Oscar ceremony or the winner of a dance show.

Such bets complete the program and offer even more variety. Here, too, there are betting providers who tend to weigh a little more in this regard.

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