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Best Online Casinos Without UKGC License

5 Mar 2022

If you are looking for a casino without a UKGC license, you probably want to play with a provider who is not bound by the transitional provisions in the UK.

Although operators and customers alike generally welcome the granting of UKGC casino licenses, these entail massive restrictions!

Many players do not want to accept this so easily and go in search of alternative casinos without ambitions for this new approval.

Choosing an online casino without a license does not sound like a good idea at first. After all, security, fairness and transparency should be guaranteed. We have therefore dealt with the question of whether a UK gaming license is absolutely necessary in order to meet the criteria mentioned?

Best Online Casinos Without UKGC License

Best Online Casinos Without UKGC License Guide

First of all: At this point, we would not recommend anyone to consciously choose providers who do not have a license at all. Rather, it is about differentiating between UK, EU licensing and respected international approvals.

Many of our readers will have experienced the change that was noticeable from the third quarter of 2020. More and more online casinos, which calculate the chances of official approval from the UK, have already adapted their portfolio to the defined transitional rules.

This essentially means the following:

  • Video slots that contain in-game bonus systems, gambling features, free spins, and other incentives have completely disappeared from the offer.
  • There are no more VIP schemes or any other perks for the high rollers.
  • Players can’t make deposits/ withdrawals using their credit cards.
  • All bonuses are offered in small values to not prompt players to deposit more funds!

From the players’ point of view, this list contains haunting downsides, so British players are increasingly looking to casinos outside of GamStop. With regard to gambling addiction prevention, data protection, correct, fair odds and profitable payout rates, the offshore gambling providers do not differ from competitors who hold the UKGC license. Transactions are of course very well secured. The big advantage is that the products offered will remain significantly more “liberal” and extensive.

Crypto casinos as an alternative for the UKGC sites

There is another major trend in the industry: Bitcoin Casinos or Crypto Casinos. Although some sites have been around for a long time, trust and awareness are now spreading. As a result, brands with the option of crypto payments are becoming increasingly important. And as a rule, these are also “casinos without a license”, i.e. those who are regulated under Curacao Gaming Control Board.

Who are the licensors of the non GamStop casinos?

There are several reliable authorities, but two of them, in particular, have established themselves on the market in recent years and are preferred by operators for the approval of their online gaming sites: The MGA Malta and Curacao Gaming, because they offer both providers and customers many advantages. Next, we have listed the most prominent licensing authorities in the iGaming industry at the current time.

MGA (Malta Gaming Authority)

Most providers who have an MGA Malta license have adapted their offer to the UK transitional regulations. Therefore, you will find that most of the casinos that hold the UKGC license are also licensed in Cyprus, and vice versa as well! For more info check this site.

Gibraltar Gambling Commission

The best-known providers with a license from Gibraltar were both Bwin and 888 casinos. Since Gibraltar is a colony under the control of Britain it partially applies British laws and regulations, this also applies to gambling as the licensing regulations of the Gibraltar Games Commission are very similar to the licensing regulations of the British Games Commission as well.


Until the planning of the new UK State Treaty on Gaming, no one would have guessed that such a small island would cause such a stir in the gaming industry. In the meantime, various providers have switched to being licensed there in order to be able to provide all games indefinitely as usual as a casino without a license. Good examples are Fancy Reels, Casino, Jinx Casino and Pulp Casino.

How safe is it to play at unlicensed non GamStop sites?

We strongly advise against registering with an entirely unlicensed casino. If one speaks of a casino without a license these days, in most cases “casino without a UK license” is meant.

Of course, security and correctness are also top priority for us. Therefore, all companies have gambling licenses from other countries that liberalized online gaming years ago. These include, for example, Malta, but Curacao is now also one of the pioneers in the industry.

In fact, there are also online casinos that are active in the UK without an EU license and that are not only suitable as an alternative at first glance because they restrict customers far less than licensed casinos.

Best Online Casinos Without UKGC License

Casinos without the UK license – our conclusion

Playing in the online casino should be one thing above all: fun leisure entertainment. So that fun doesn’t suddenly turn bitterly serious, you should pay close attention to seriousness when choosing the gaming site you trust.

Just because a company operates without a UK license does not mean that you are dealing with a dubious provider in the industry. There are international authorities that place just as much value on player protection, security and correct fair play. However, the customer is given significantly more personal responsibility.

Comments on this Best Online Casinos Without UKGC License article are welcome.

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