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Apply a Car Decal to Your Business Vehicles

11 July 2021

When it comes to car stickers and graphics, you will see them usually on business vehicles, work trucks, and even business vans. These stickers are used as advertising tools to promote products or services on the road. You can see these vehicle graphics when a car is on the roads on to the next job or near your home when a neighbor hires an HVAC company to repair the cooling or heating system in the house.

Apply car decal business vehicle tips

Best Tips and Tricks to Apply a Car Decal to Perk Up the Look of Your Business Vehicles

According to an article published in Entrepreneur, vehicle wraps are an effective marketing tool, which is impactful, easy on your budget, and durable. Then, how you are going to apply a car sticker to improve the look of your business vehicle and improve brand awareness? Here is how:

Clean the vehicle surface

You need to clean the vehicle surface, precise the place, where you will put the sticker to ensure perfect adhesion. A dirty surface will not let the decal stick properly. The dust or dirt will stick to the adhesive and fail to touch the surface of your commercial car. The sticker will slip or peel off as soon as you put it on the car’s surface.

Use a mild detergent, soap, or hand rubbing alcohol to clean the vehicle surface. Avoid using any stuff that would leave wax or for that matter, any other type of residue.

Figure out where to place the car sticker

You can easily understand where to place your car decals. Choose a place that is well-viewed and visible by the onlookers on the road. Then, ascertaining the precise placement will need you to do some measurement. Start by measuring the sticker, next the area of placement to figure out the center to ensure the decal is not off-kilter.

All you need to use is a measuring tape, ruler, level, or any type of straight edge device to ensure the perfect alignment of your car decal. You also need to mark the angles or measurements using painter’s tape.

Peel and apply the sticker

In case, the sticker is shorter than a forearm’s length, all you need to do is peel off the sticker’s complete backing to reach the adhesive. If the car decal is bigger, peeling a couple of inches is enough. It will make handling the sticker easier and prevent the decal from collecting dust or dirt.

Use the tape markings as a guide, put one edge of the sticker on the car and start to smooth it out, but make sure to use a straight edge like that of a credit card or paint scraper.

Move gradually, sticking the vehicle decal to the car bit by bit. Apply pressure firmly and smooth the decal in a single direction to get rid of the bubbles. Make sure you keep the sticker tight to eliminate wrinkles and bubbles. Next, gradually peel off more the sticker backing when smooth the sticker on the surface. Ensure proper decal adherence by letting it dry under sunlight.

Apply car decal business vehicle conclusion

Follow these tips to apply your car sticker to improve the look of your commercial vehicle for branding and promoting your products or services.

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