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6 TikTok Services To Save In Your Favorites In 2021

10 May 2021

6 tiktok services to save in your favorites in 2021

Search up ‘buy TikTok followers’ on google, and you’ll be surprised just how quickly the search engine returns you with over more than a hundred results. The number is simply insane, and there’s no humanly way possible to tell which of the websites to trust and which ones to leave behind. Unless if you’re a Robot or something or are willing to spend your money on each one of the websites to know if they’ll scam you or not.

Thankfully, of all those websites, we have some of our favorites too in them. True, we haven’t checked each of the websites out there, but the 6 websites below have been our favorite ever since, and we thought of sharing them with our readers. Let’s go

#1 TikRoyal.com

6 TikTok Services To Save In Your Favorites In 2021

Main feature

Another one of our all-time favorite websites; the kind which we suggest to everyone from newbies to experienced in the market. We like this website the most because of its extreme simplicity and ease of use, which is enhanced even further by the exceptionally user-friendly interface and pretty colors.

Also, the followers from these guys are 100% organic. We have confirmed this for years now since every time we buy followers; we hardly find an account that looks fishy and suspicious with a very strange-looking username. Plus, the fact that the TikTok followers do not unfollow you after some time but instead interact with your posts confirms the claim even more.

TikRoyal Pros

  • Organic followers, likes, and comments
  • Competitive pricing
  • Good retention rate on the followers

TikRoyal Cons

  • Nothing so significantly bad about this website

#2 Boostmytiktok.com

6 tiktok services to save in your favorites in 2021

Boostmytiktok Main feature

First, we have our all-time favorite website for buying TikTok Followers, Likes, and comments. Boostmytiktok.com is one of those sites where you can find all the services you need to give your start the boost it deserves. The choice of services is also quite impressive because if you buy the proper services in the right amounts and intervals, it can help you achieve long-term organic growth on the platform.
Boostmytiktok Pros

  • Easy and secure payments
  • A good retention rate in followers
  • Very friendly, helpful, and responsive support staff

Boostmytiktok Cons

  • A little too pricey but its something that can be overlooked for excellent and satisfactory services

#3 Bouxtie.com

6 tiktok services to save in your favorites in 2021

Now if you’re looking to buy TikTok followers (or to put it in Bouxtie’s words; Fans) at a very comfortable (even cheap) pricing, then this is the website to go for.

The followers are quite nice to have from this website with an excellent retention rate and organic nature. Although we did find some bots in our followers here and there but is something that can be overlooked considering how cheap the followers are in the first place.

One of the exciting features of these guys is monthly video views, something that, once purchased, will help you get a certain amount of views on every video you upload for a whole month.
Bouxtie Pros

  • Cheap pricing
  • Monthly video views and mass views
  • Instant delivery

Bouxtie Cons

  • Some bot followers here and there

#4 Flatfitty.com

6 tiktok services to save in your favorites in 2021

Another website to consult if you’re looking to buy cheap TikTok followers online. This website has the same pricing as the one we previously described and has almost the same kind of services. The only difference, however, is that they have a pretty exciting refund policy. If you feel like you have not been delivered the right product, contact customer support within 7 days with proper proof, or else your requests will not be entertained.

As for the organic nature of the followers, we’d like to think to deduce that the followers and likes are pretty organic, as far as the pricing is concerned. Not as organic as some other websites we described earlier, but it’s still quite organic for its price though.
Flatfitty Pros

  • Very cheap pricing
  • A good amount of organic followers in their deals
  • An overall OK website for budget shopping

Flatfitty Cons

  • Some bots lurking around here and there
  • Customer support can be improved

#5 Tikfuel.com


If you’re on the hunt for followers with good retention rates while still being slightly on the budget side, then allow us to introduce Tikfuel. The website will surely fuel your TikTok account with some nice and real followers who know the art of retention.

With a delivery time of fewer than 30 minutes, these guys do know how to work fast-paced. You’ll be enjoying the followers that you bought on a partial budget basis in a concise amount of time.

But might we suggest not get carried away with their quick delivery services? While it seems quite a good thing, its excess can be bad. The sudden increase in the number of your followers might give the TikTok algorithm a red signal, and it may lead to your temporary ban from the platform. Hence, take it slow.
Tikfuel Pros

  • Competitive pricing
  • Real, organic followers
  • Fast delivery

Tikfuel Cons

  • Don’t overuse the fast delivery option

#6 Celebian.com


And on the 6th suggestion, we have one of our favorites, celebian.com. And before you say it, yes, the website is a little too pricey compared to all other websites that we have so far suggested, but don’t judge the website by its pricing. These guys know that it’s the real followers who count, and it is the real followers they provide.

With the 100% organic nature of the followers, the website has become quite a favorite in the eyes of the consumer. The instant start feature allows you to instantly start getting real followers the moment you purchase a plan. Plus, the customer support is really friendly and supportive, and that is always a big plus.
Celebian Pros

  • 100% real followers
  • Customer support all the way
  • Instant start feature

Celebian Cons

  • A little too pricey

6 tiktok services to save in your favorites in 2021 Conclusion

And that’s it for our 6 most recommended websites to buy TikTok Followers, Likes, and comments. Believe us; you don’t want to miss such a great opportunity to improve your video’s engagement rates, especially in an app that’s become much more popular than ever due to the pandemic. We have been using the websites covered in this article for quite some time now, and all of them have proven to be quite trustworthy. You should try them out.

Comments on this guide to 6 tiktok services to save in your favorites in 2021 help article are welcome.


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