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6 Ideal Welsh Gifts

30 Oct 2020

Buying gifts is never easy, and it can become increasingly difficult when you start having to narrow down your options to a certain theme. If you have a proud Welsh heritage or a personal connection to Wales as a whole, then finding good Welsh gifts for a family member or partner might seem hard at first. Thankfully, great online shops like Gifts with heart have some great Welsh Gifts, and here are some easy-to-find options that never get old.

Welsh Chocolate

Like most countries, Wales has plenty of unique chocolate that you can find to give away as gifts. Even if you don’t go for anything particularly special, there are plenty of ways to make sure that you aren’t just buying the same thing you can get elsewhere: for example, you might take part in a chocolate-making class or buy a chocolate brand that can only be found in Wales!

Remember that chocolate is often different across each country and that certain companies make unique blends available nowhere else in the world. Some careful searches could bring you to a treasure trove of chocolates and sweets. You can also add a greeting card with their most memorable photos like photos of their birthday or travel photos. This will add a personal touch to your sweet gift

6 Ideal Welsh Gifts Tips

The Welsh Dragon

The red dragon that appears on the Welsh flag is a great place to look for something more permanent, especially if you are personally connected to the country in a major way. You can find plenty of gifts that take the red dragon’s form and turn it into something unique: patterned cushions, blankets, and even some items of clothing.

However, there is nothing better than a little Welsh dragon soft toy. Not only can they be surprisingly cute for a dragon, but they are not hard to transport overseas if you are coming back from a holiday or work visit, and it is a present that can be appealing to both adults and children alike.

Welsh Wine

If you are able to get wine back home (or have it delivered), then you can take advantage of the great Welsh wine industry by sampling some of their excellent drinks. If you have a loved one or friend that appreciates a refined drink in the afternoon, Welsh wine might be perfect, especially since certain sparkling wine brands in the country have won multiple serious awards.

If you are not interested in regular wine, then you can always look for something a bit more unique, like a special flavouring or a bottle shape that stands out from the others.

A Welsh Blanket

The Welsh wool industry has always been massive, meaning that Welsh blankets are a great choice of gift if you want to represent the history of the country. They are also very useful in general, and a good-quality blanket can be used year after year with almost no wear and tear. Most Welsh blankets are incredibly well-made, and the number of styles or patterns on offer can be staggering.

For many people, getting an authentic, woollen blanket is the only way they will feel like a blanket is worth giving as a gift. Finding a proper woollen blanket in Wales is extremely easy, and there are around ten mills still running in Wales that continue to produce excellent woollen products time and time again.

House Signs

One of the less well-known traditions in some parts of Wales, and the UK as a whole, is the creation of custom house signs. These Welsh slate gifts are slabs of slate rock that have the name of a house carved into them, along with some extra details and plenty of colours. Taking home a piece of Welsh slate might not seem all that fancy, but once you add it to your house’s wall or gate, it is like bringing a piece of that tradition back home with you.

Welsh Jewellery

If all else fails, you can fall back on some excellent Welsh jewellery. There are plenty of interesting jewellery companies in Wales that could be the perfect source for some Welsh gifts, right down to items that can be personalised for whoever you are buying for. If you need gifts with heart, then you can always try looking at some of the independent jewellery shops and jewellery makers in Wales or take a peek at some accessories that bear the flag of the country itself.

Whatever you are looking, there will usually be Welsh gifts that can satisfy your needs for a present, whether it is for friends or family.

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