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5 Ways Your Startup can improve its marketing

8 Nov 2019

The idea of launching a startup is on the rise these days. Presently, the internet is filled with a multiplicity of ways to start a business and become a successful entrepreneur. But one thing nobody is talking about is the hard truth – that not all businesses thrive! Sounds shocking?

5 ways your startup can improve its marketing efforts

5 Ways Your Startup can improve its marketing edrive

Well, that is just the simple truth, and more often than not, many business startups falter, leaving their owners in a situation where they end up looking for the best IVA companies around or stop bailiffs site to deal with the huge sum of debt they’ve owed. But why do businesses fail? Some may quip. Well, there are so many reasons why businesses fail, but of all the reasons that are there, none is more critical than a poor marketing strategy. So here are a few tips on how to improve your startup’s marketing strategy.

Accept Change

It is no longer news that the world we live in is constantly changing, so much so that people can now make their funeral plans in advance. New ideas are coming, and existing ideas are increasingly becoming obsolete. If your business does not change with the changing trend, your business might be become outdated, forgotten, and be ignored. There are lots of different marketing out there that are contending for your customer’s attention. If you are not ready to put in the work and the right strategy, your potential customers can easily be grabbed away by some of your competitors.

Trying too much too fast

Another common mistake made by most startups is they try to invest too much money and time on their marketing strategy at the early stage of their business. Understandably, you have a product you want to sell, and you want to find customers who will buy your product. But you also need to be realistic with your efforts. Start your advertising campaign with a small budget rather than an expensive budget. Then you can always scale up from the lowest cost to the highest budget required for you to get optimal results.

Be conversational with your customers

To get the best out of your marketing campaign, learn to be conversational with your customers. You can make your marketing campaign more effective by making your message more conversational and more positive. Most times, businesses make their customers go cold by their inability to engage their customers enough. If you can get your customers to be conversational with you and your brand, then you can expect a positive result from your marketing campaign.

Your marketing campaign should not be based on selling your products, but it should be an avenue to communicate your brand’s values with your customers. This creates an opportunity to create exciting content that will get the interest of your customers.

Some of the ways you can make your marketing campaign conversational are by telling a story to captivate them, keeping them updated, and offering them latest tips that are beneficial to them. Even if you have relevant info or stories that don’t necessarily match your niche, but you know tends to captivate your audience, never hesitate to share it. For instance, say, you’re into fashion, but you happen to have big news about a life insurance package, why not share it with your audience?

Be conscious of the figures

One of the ways to have an effective campaign is to pay attention to very important metrics in your marketing method. To get a result from your marketing campaign, you must use the right analytic tool to track results obtained in numbers. Some of the tools you can use to monitor your marketing campaign include; Mixpanel and Marketing Evolution.

These tools and whichever ones you find to work for you, they are going to help you understand what is working and help you interpret them without you wasting your money. Once you have these figures, you have to act on them by taking the necessary steps. More than the images, colours, banners you use on your ads, you should endeavour to pay attention to the numbers generate during your marketing campaign. This can help you know what is working and what is not working, and hence help you decide when to move on with your campaign or when to continue on your existing campaign.

Don’t concentrate too much on social media

Social media can be a great way to bring your business into exposure. At the same time, if not properly utilized, it can result in a futile effort. A lot of startups invest their effort and money into social media and forget about some of the older methods of marketing. And unfortunately for them, they crash after the first few months, leaving their owners at the mercy of a debt management arrangement like trust deed.

Advertising your business with word of mouth and the use of your business card can also be a good way to advertise your business. When you focus too much on online marketing, you might forget the local audience within your range. Even if you don’t have an on-ground business in mortar and bricks, there are lots of people who value shopping locally and supporting local businesses.

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