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5 Tips to Effectively Write an Essay Under Pressure

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3 Dec 2019

Follow These 5 Tips to Effectively Write an Essay Under Pressure

Are you in the middle of a situation where you have to complete an essay but have little time? Or are you not prepared adequately lacking the exact knowledge of what to do and how to start? You might think there can’t be anything worse than this. However, you still can write an effective essay under pressure by following tips given in this article.

1. Think on your essay topic with a calm mind

The first thing to follow if you want to get the desired outcome is to stay calm. Submitting to the pressure and losing your nerve will make things more difficult. Instead of that, if you stay calm, plan well and work on it with a single focus, writing an essay will be fun rather than a tiresome task.

  • Set time for each step and make sure to stick to it with enough flexibility.
  • Important thing is that, instead of worrying about how you would complete your essay without the preparation in a short time, you need to think about the topic.
  • Brainstorm on it and list questions and points related to that topic.
  • Also, write a statement as part of this session as it will be the base for your next steps. Your research will be much easier if you know and understand the topic well and have a strong essay statement.

2. Gather information and get yourself ready

As a second step, before you start the actual task of writing, gather as much information as possible from online and offline sources. You can find some useful examples on any needed topic on sites with free assays, for example

Make note of them and list important points related to your essay topic. This is as important as writing your paper and will help you have a concrete statement and arguments.

Right from the structure and formatting to how to write effectively are the things you have to know in addition to gathering topic-related information. You can also refer to other students’ successful essays. They can be your guide on writing an easy-to-read and easy-to-understand text. This improves the chances that the readers will read your essay until the last line without losing interest.

3. Prepare an outline

The next step after you are ready with all the important and required information is to prepare an outline. An outline will become your basic structure stating important points and questions. Moreover, it will guide your thought process and analysis based on the research and sources you have gathered.

  • To prepare an effective and complete outline, you may consider having a look at sample essays related to your topic.
  • Also, make sure to have all the sources of information in front of you while preparing your draft.
  • You should also cite when you have used other people’s work and authentic resources.

In a nutshell, you need to possess as much information as possible as points and questions on your draft. It doesn’t need to be in detail, and you may write your draft paper in short sentences. After this, you should revise the draft.

4. Start the actual task

With an outline and a stock of information, you are all set to start writing your essay. You have a statement as well as points and questions based on it.

  • Now you can start writing the introduction and the body.
  • Ensure to explain each point as clearly as possible without making it too long and difficult to read.
  • Try to keep sentences and paragraph concise unless a complex topic requires it as long texts would look tedious to the readers.
  • Also, divide the content into sections and give them specific headings.

Apart from this, ensure to maintain the flow of information. Each paragraph needs to be self-contained and fit well with the previous one without looking like an incomplete part of the paper.

5. Reread, ask for feedback and refine

As a final step, after you are done with writing your essay, you need to go through it once more.

If you have enough time, insert a gap between the completion and review. When you have a look at your work after some time, you will get a fresh perspective and most probably readers’ point of view. Thus, you will be able to find out your flaws. It would not be possible if you reread your paper immediately after completing it.

Another thing you are advised to do is to ask your family members, friends or classmates to go through your paper and provide feedback. Their comments can help a lot, so take them constructively and work on them as much as possible. Also, proofread to remove grammatical and spelling errors. This entire process is called refinement and will end up giving you an effective essay that you can submit with confidence.


Almost every student has to go through a tough time when he/she is required to submit an essay paper on a short deadline or when not prepared. However, there are expert tips on how to write an essay under pressure and some of most important of them are discussed in this article. They are proven and will work for you as well.

Best of luck!

Follow These 5 Tips to Effectively Write an Essay Under Pressure

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