5 tips for brewing delicious coffee at home

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5 Tips For Brewing Delicious Coffee At Home

It’s safe to say that a delicious cup of coffee is only as good as the beans that you begin with. Yet the way you go about brewing the cup of coffee is also super important.

Sure, you’ll benefit from purchasing one of the best automatic espresso maker machines on the market. But in addition to a quality espresso maker, you also need to have some high-quality coffee beans and filtered water at the ready.

If you’ve got the right equipment but don’t know how to brew coffee at home, here are 5 handy tips you need to know.

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Purchase Fresh Whole Bean Coffee

There’s a huge issue with bags of coffee at your local supermarket — they are already stale! This coffee will have been roasted weeks or months ago, meaning it’s already lost a significant amount of its natural sugar and aromas.

If you’re planning to brew the most delicious cup of coffee at home, it’s in your best interest to only use whole beans.

Instead of bulk buying fresh whole-bean coffee, you should opt to purchase small quantities regularly. This may include only buying supplies for a week or two at any given time. It’s a good decision as roasted coffee can become stale just a few days after roasting!

Organic coffee is a much healthier choice as it is free from fertilizers and pesticides. Plus, it generally just tastes a lot better!

Correctly Store the Beans

In addition to choosing delightful whole-bean coffee beans, you also need to know how to correctly store them to safeguard their freshness and longevity.

Choose a container with an airtight or vacuum seal – preferably one that has a one-way valve that allows air to flow out but not in. If you don’t want to use this sort of container, a mason jar of any size will do the job perfectly.

We’d also like to mention that it’s not necessary to keep your coffee beans in the fridge or freezer to preserve freshness. All you need to do is make sure you consume your coffee beans within a short time of the roasting process.

Brewing delicious coffee at home

Get Your Measurements Correct

To brew delicious coffee, you must use the right amount of coffee per cup to truly ignite the flavors.

There is a simple rule you can follow to brew delicious coffee. This involves using around one to two teaspoons of ground coffee for every 6 ounces of water. If you’re making more than one cup at any given time, adjust this accordingly.

However, this might lack the precision you want to take your brewing to the next level. This is when you might want to use a scale to measure your coffee by weight rather than volume.

An ideal ratio would be one part coffee to anywhere between 15 to 18 parts water (1:15 to 1:18) but you can alter it as you wish. Remember that the more coffee you use, the stronger the cup will be.

It Matters When You Grind Coffee

You should aim to grind your coffee just before brewing. This will guarantee the best possible flavor profile for you to enjoy!

Coffee is said to start losing flavor in less than 30 minutes after being ground. As a result, it’s best to grind your coffee beans immediately before brewing your next pot. This will help you capture the aromatics and oils of the beans.

It will also give you much better control over the final taste of your coffee. Unlike in a coffee shop, you can grind the beans as fine or as coarse as you want them to be for the brewing method that you are using.

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Use Filtered Water

You might not think that the type or quality of the water you use matters but it truly does!

The quality of tap water including its chlorine taste and hardness depends entirely on where you live. Sometimes, it’s completely fine to use for brewing. Yet you’ll likely want to choose water that’s had some sort of filtration.

Using water that’s packed full of minerals won’t blend well with the coffee beans, and may result in weak and undrinkable coffee.

Heavily distilled or filtered water can be pretty destructive for your coffee maker. Though it doesn’t cause as much build-up as mineral-dense water, either of these types of water can lead to over-extracted coffee.


Yes, that’s truly all you need to make a delicious cup of joe at home! We’d highly recommend implementing these tips even if you’re planning to experiment with different coffee flavors as it’ll give you a good starting point.

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