5 factors when buying laser cutting machines

5 factors when buying laser cutting machines tips, Technical tool guide, Online cut equipment advice

5 Factors to Consider When Buying Laser Cutting Machines

10 May 2021

The number of variables to consider in buying laser cutting machines is significant. There is a wide variety of tech, format, pricing, and power. How the tool will be used is just as diverse.

Have you ever wanted a simple answer so you can get the right machine?

5 factors when buying laser cutting machines

5 Factors When Buying Laser Cutting Machines Guide

The pressure to buy the right machine is high because the long-term investment is high. Speed and precision are likely on top of your considerations. But don’t make a technical decision without considering the best business decision.

The right business decision starts with knowing your options for laser machines. Here are five factors to consider when buying laser cutting machines.

Customer Service

All technical equipment seems to run into issues at the wrong time. A company with a great service team to support your equipment will reduce downtime. Before buying the tech, learn about the company’s service response time and quality of work.

Better yet, find out what kind of maintenance the equipment requires for the long haul. Does the equipment have simple steps your team can work on during high-demand periods? Does the support team include experts who understand that time is money?

Laser Cutting Machines or Materials

Reviewing equipment from your company’s material use basis will improve your research. Do you know your laser source types? Do you need a CO2 laser tube, fiber laser tube, or something else?

Most businessmen managers have no clue, but things start to make sense if you focus on materials.

List the material your company will use, like rubber, ceramics, plastic, glass, etc. Using your materials, test the machines for power, speed, engraving, and resolution. The best buy is the machine that does great work and demonstrates a high production capacity.


Comparing machine costs is easy. But determining and maintaining your budget will serve your company well.

Budgeting requires keeping in touch with the vendor’s research and development. This allows you to budget for future upgrades and profitable innovations.

Developing internal case studies will clarify your expenses as being process or equipment-based. Profitability comes from employees being well-trained on the equipment. Also, equipment companies can help with equipment-related workflows to improve your company’s process.

Understand the Market

When word processing launched, there was a surge in independently published books. Most of the books were terrible, but the easy use of technology turned hacks into publishers. Poor quality titles flooded the market.

Technology has now given entry to low-end vendors, creating a lot of cheap laser machines. These companies are easy to spot by their poor customer service. It is important to find manufacturers who understand both service and process.

High Precision

Laser cutting machines are better than traditional cutting methods. Making precise cuts is what lasers do best, along with getting the job done in less time. These new standards are easy to maintain with tube laser machines.

The more precise the tool, the less costly the project from rejected parts. These types of energy-saving tools are also good for the environment. The benefits to your business outweigh the cost of changing over traditional methods.

One company worth researching, ametals.com, found the balance in improving production value while reducing labor costs.

Solid Business Decision

Putting business decisions before tech helps you find profitable equipment for your operations. You’ll avoid downtime and cheap equipment. You will also know your capabilities and be able to budget for success.

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