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3 Hacks How to Write an Opinion Essay

29 Apr 2020

3 hacks how to write an opinion essay guide

3 Hacks How to Write an Essay Guide

Among the many types of essays, opinion essays are quite popular. An opinion essay is a formal piece of writing in which the author mentions their thoughts and opinions regarding the subject matter. This differentiates opinion essays from others because you are not generally supposed to give your opinions in an essay.

Opinion essays may seem easier to write but if you don’t know the correct way to express your opinions in a formal piece of writing, you may not be able to create a strong and engaging one. This type of essay often needs to be submitted along with the university application documents. Admissions committees pay great attention to how you can express your thoughts and opinions on a topic. In this case, students who do everything at the last minute, thinking “how to quickly write my essay today”, turn to the writing services’ experts, who help and teach the correct writing of opinion essays.

To produce a good and interesting opinion essay, here are three hacks anyone can use.

1.     Pick the Right Topic

The one thing that makes writing opinion essays easier than other ones is that you have to present your own thoughts and opinions on the topic. Choose the topic that matches best to your interests and your writing will become easier. If you choose a topic that you have a lot of knowledge about, you are sure to give your better judgment on it and your opinion will have more weight. If you wish to buy essay then it is an option worth checking.

If you are assigned a topic for writing an opinion essay, don’t be upset about it. If the topic is something too far from your interest or something you do not know about, you can always search for it and jot down what makes sense. For example, you can look for essay examples on different sources: from online libraries to free databases like ozziessays.com.

There are some more tips to write a wonderful opinion essay.

2.     Write in Clear Paragraphs

Regardless of the type of essay you are writing, you should always divide your content into clear paragraphs. Do not cram multiple ideas or opinions into one paragraph. If your content revolves around one opinion then divide it into two or three sections. In the first section, tell your opinion. The second and third sections justify your opinion but make sure not to write the repetitive ideas in both the sections.

Use a phrase like first of all or to begin with in the first paragraph of your body and it will provide a good start. If you are going to present another justification of your opinion then it is better to use in addition, instead of directly starting your next paragraph with another idea. To conclude your essay, simply use phrases like in a nutshell or to sum up to present your essay better.

3.     Use the right phrases for expressing opinions

When writing your opinion, you should start with the right expressions. Use phrases such as I think, I believe or in my opinion. Using these phrases will make your opinion essay more presentable. You don’t have to copy opinions from other opinion essays of your friends, classmates, or just websites with free examples like procollegeessays.com. You have to state your opinion and express it in the right way.

Also, it will differentiate them from any facts or figures you have mentioned in your essay. Without these phrases, your reader might get the impression that you are trying to force your opinion. Here is an example:

Although chocolate is the most popular flavor for desserts, mango is always my go-to flavor when I have to prepare a dessert. From fruit sorbets to cheesecake and muffins to tarts, I usually make everything with mangoes. I think the sweetness and fragrance of mangoes in any dessert are unbeatable by any other fruit, let alone chocolate.

Although mangoes are not all the rage here in the US, the fact that they are considered the King of Fruits in South Asia makes me very happy. At least, mangoes have the title of ‘King of Fruits’ in some parts of the world. I believe that mangoes should be the king of desserts here too.

3 Hacks How to Write an Opinion Essay – Wrapping Up

If you have to pick your own topic for an opinion essay then choose what interests you the most. When writing an opinion essay, you should break down your content into clear and concise paragraphs. Using the right phrases is necessary when giving your opinions to make an impression you are not forcing them on your reader. But you also have to present your ideas in a way that shows their relevance not only to you but also to your reader.

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