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14 Best Shopify Apps That You Shouldn’t Miss in 2021

11 August 2021

14 best shopify apps in 2021 guide

While even the basic package of the platform has most of the tools needed to launch a comprehensive online store solution, it is also highly extensible. Its repository already contains more than 6000 apps and for every need.

All merchants can benefit from using these solutions—save time, automate marketing, etc.—but going through all of them is quite time-consuming.

The question is, how to choose the right one based on your personal or business goals? In this article, we are going to give you top-rated apps to speed up your search.

How to Choose Shopify Apps?

It is critical to understand your business goals and capabilities of various Shopify applications to pick the most suitable ones. Some other factors to keep in mind:


Many users focus on choosing free solutions. While not an entirely wrong sentiment by itself, the primary driver behind selecting specific addons must be whether it solves your issues and has all the necessary features.

User Reviews

Trusting ratings in the Shopify store makes little sense, as most of these are competing tools. Look at a rating of developers themselves. Find feedback from real customers on the Shopify App Store or third-party review sites to make a good choice.

Customer Support

As you read Customer reviews of a chosen app, pay attention to whether they say something about support. Since you need to have the best possible customer service to support your projects, consider choosing apps with reviews that mention excellent support.

Best Apps for a Shopify Store

A Shopify store needs apps for marketing, customer support, SEO, product management, accounting, customer reviews, and other essential tasks. Let’s begin with email marketing.

1. Firepush – Omnichannel marketing

14 best shopify apps in 2021 guide

With Firepush, you can build subscriber lists on three channels: email, SMS, and push notifications. Then, you can share marketing messages and nurture those subscribers with sales, discounts, and other promos.

Firepush is very easy to use; in fact, you can manage all three channels in one dashboard. The app allows users to create, schedule, and monitor campaigns’ performance with ease, and get top-rated customer support.

2. Moosend – Email Marketing

It is easy and fast to connect Moosend to a Shopify-based store without any knowledge of programming. This app makes it possible to create, control, and monitor email campaigns with ease.

The primary features in Moosend include:

  • Email marketing automation
  • A/B campaign testing
  • Drag-&-drop email editor
  • List segmentation
  • Email analytics
  • Landing page builder
  • Email Signature

You can find plenty of email templates that you can customize for your case. It is also possible to install auto-email sequences for orders, payouts, and abandoned carts.

Pricing: Eight various workflow alternatives are available even if you choose the free plan. Paid subscriptions start at $8 monthly for a team of 5 employees.

3. Upsell Recommendations – Product Recommendations

14 best shopify apps in 2021 guide

Upsell Recommendations allows increasing sales in Shopify. This software will cost you nothing but add a very useful feature: upsell. After installing this app, your Shopify store will give your customers recommendations to increase the average order value.

The best news is that everything is done automatically, so you can grow your sales with existing customers on autopilot.

4. Oberlo – Product Supplier

14 best shopify apps in 2021 guide

If you find it challenging to look for suitable goods at AliExpress, Oberlo can be a great alternative. It allows fast and straightforward importing of goods and editing of metadata.

Users can also automatically get price updates. Purchasing and selling via this application is a pleasure. The 2-click order fulfillment procedure will save plenty of time.

5. DelightChat – Customer Service with Chat

14 best shopify apps in 2021 guide

This “rising star” Shopify application integrates easily with the most known communication channels, such as WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram, Gmail, etc. As for Shopify, the tool allows viewing customer data, editing and tracking orders, claiming returns, etc.

You can manage all conversations in one place, which makes it possible to solve customer issues quickly and more effortlessly. Besides, the app has a free plan and premium plans, so it’s suitable for different customer service needs.

6. HelpCenter – Helpdesk

14 best shopify apps in 2021 guide

Three-in-one tool for building FAQs, tracking support tickets, and chatting online, HelpCenter is one of the most popular helpdesk solutions for Shopify.

This user-friendly app was developed to function as an integral part of Shopify. Pricing includes free, $4.95/month, and $29.95 subscription plans. There is also a 14-days free trial period available to test the functionality.

7. SEO Manager – SEO Optimization

14 best shopify apps in 2021 guide

Choosing keywords and key phrases is way more transparent and accessible with special tools like SEO Manager. This Shopify app will save you plenty of time and nerves associated with search engine optimization.

If you lack an SEO expert in the team, this tool allows accessing metadata and fixing it with no problems. The software offers regular audits to detect top-ranking pages, overall performance, and issues. This way, you will know the way to update your sitemap.

8. Ahrefs – Keyword Optimization

14 best shopify apps in 2021 guide

Even if you are a copywriter or marketing specialist with no SEO expertise, this tool will be a huge help. Both experienced and less tech-savvy users will benefit from a broad suite of search engine optimization instruments and access to the massive index of live backlinks.

For example, Ahrefs makes it easy to discover the positions of your competitors and understand what puts them so high. This paid-for app is equally excellent for online store owners and bloggers.

9. Plug in SEO – SEO Optimization

14 best shopify apps in 2021 guide

This app is often used by Shopify store owners who find Ahrefs a bit too advanced or pricey. Plug in SEO assists with keeping track of various SEO activities, defining the core problems, and analyzing what your site should focus on.

A good thing about Plug in SEO is that it automates many processes. For example, it can generate meta descriptions and tags for pages and track ratings. This functionality will help you save a ton of time.

10. Shop Instagram Feed & UGC – Social Media Marketing

14 best shopify apps in 2021 guide

If you prefer attracting customers through Instagram, this application is for you. This Shopify app adds an Instagram feed to a store’s homepage so visitors could check out your social media pages and user-generated content.

Since many customers prefer to use social media to research products, this Shopify app can make this process more familiar to them. Besides, it’s great for increasing customer trust—seeing customers using your products on social media will go a long way to build a good reputation.

11. Social Share Buttons – Content Promotion

14 best shopify apps in 2021 guide

As you may guess, this extension helps to make sharing information about your proposals on social media simple. It involves such services as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and some other popular platforms.

You can request a seven-day trial to test this app, after which the user fee would be $3.99/month.

12. Facebook and Instagram AutoPostr – Social Media Promotion Automation

14 best shopify apps in 2021 guide

This app makes announcing the replenishment of the product assortment on social media super easy. If you have no time to take care of your blog, rely on this software. It will generate posts in several minutes based on your preferences.

13. QuickBooks Commerce – Supply Chain, Reporting and Accounting Automation

14 best shopify apps in 2021 guide

This plugin is excellent for supply chain and inventory management. It allows keeping stock levels accurate while setting up timely supply requests and satisfying orders from various locations.

The usage fee is $39 per month.

14. Katana – Manufacturing and Inventory Management

Katana Manufacturing and Inventory Management

Katana is a complete ERP solution for manufacturers that trade with the help of Shopify. The app makes managing raw materials and finished goods way easier. In one dashboard, you get almost a real-time view of inventory movement to track order fulfillment.

Usage cost is $99/month.

14 best shopify apps in 2021 Summary

In this article, we reviewed some of the best additional tools for the Shopify store. Feel free to give all these a look, and be sure to read reviews for each. This is what building a successful Shopify store is all about: finding reliable apps to take care of repetitive processes and focus on matters most.

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