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10 things most successful people do every day – guide

22 Jan 2022

It’s proven that the more of these success habits you do daily, the more successful and happy your life will be.

Here are 10 things most successful people do every day:

10 things most successful people do every day

10 things most successful people do every day list

1. They wake up early-

Successful people rise early to make their time their most productive because the day has the best energy in the morning.

2. They read before work-

Long before emails, texts, and phone calls pop up on their smartphone screens at work, successful people have already been reading for a good 40 minutes or more. Reading helps boost their confidence and creativity levels which help them tackle stress better at work.

3. They exercise-

Successful people spend an hour every morning exercising outdoors to boost their chances of happiness throughout the day. Studies show that exercising can spike serotonin levels in your brain which will keep you happier all day long.

4. They set goals-

The average American only sets 3 big goals per year, but it’s well known that successful people set 13 big goals per year. By setting 13 big goals, you’re focusing on your top priorities which will lead to achieving more with less effort.

5. They have morning rituals-

Successful people have a ritual they partake in every day before they do anything else, whether it’s meditating, having breakfast, or talking with their most important person in the world. This makes them feel great so they can continue through their more challenging days productively and energetically.

6. They write down their thoughts-

The average American spends over an hour per day watching TV but rarely spends time writing down their thoughts during that same time period. Instead of mindless TV viewing, successful people engage in self-reflection by writing down their thoughts for about 30 minutes per day.

7. They network-

Successful people know that you’re never too old to start networking, so they put on their business shoes and attend at least one seminar or event every month where they can meet new people and establish new business relationships.

8. They make time for friends-

Successful people treat their social life as a game of chess- thinking three moves ahead. By making time for friends, you are actually able to connect with them even more which will help your happiness levels soar throughout the year!

9. They meditate daily-

Meditation has been shown to increase feelings of optimism, boost creativity and reduce stress. People who meditate often experience higher-level thinking (such as problem-solving) all day long. There are so many benefits to meditation that successful people make it a priority to practice it for at least 10 minutes per day.

10. They write thank you notes-

Studies have shown that writing these short, 2 minute notes can increase happiness levels by up to 24% because it makes the recipient feel valued and appreciated while also boosting your self-esteem because you’ve made time in your busy day to do something kind.

Here are some FAQs recently asked by many people:

Q- Is it true that successful people get 9 hours of sleep?
A- No, that is false. 7 hours of sleep per night would be the perfect amount that successful people get.

Q- Is it true that successful people meditate 45 minutes every morning before work?
A- That’s false too. They only do meditation for 10 minutes but they do it every day before they start their day or go to work

Q- Does getting up early make you more productive and happier throughout the day?
A- Yes, studies show that if you wake up early (which most successful people do), your stress levels and chances of happiness will decrease which will help you tackle any challenges you face during the day more positively.

Q- Is it true that successful people network every day via LinkedIn?
A- Yes, studies show that if you have strong connections with other professionals throughout your industry then you are more likely to be productive throughout the year. There is also research that suggests being around happy people will make you happier too!

Q- Does doing yoga make you more successful?
A- No, but successful people do yoga because they know it can relieve stress and help them think more clearly which will make them more productive at work or studying for their next test.

Q- When should you reach out to other people?
A- Research shows that successful people reach out to others when they are at their best. So if you are angry, upset, or sad then don’t bother reaching out until your emotions have simmered down. Successful people know this and always wait until the right time to reach out. By doing this, it will create a better connection between both parties because they can engage in more meaningful conversations during these times instead of arguments that would not solve anything.

10 things most successful people do every day Conclusion

By doing all of these things daily, you open yourself to unlimited opportunities! With hard work and dedication, anything is possible! You can have everything you’ve ever dreamed up if you just keep fighting to get it!

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