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10 Never-To-Commit Mistakes While Betting In Bundesliga

16 June 2020

Bundesliga stadium, German football ground

Germany’s Bundesliga is a synonym for an adrenaline rush for football fans around the world. Being the biggest action-packed European league, it attracts huge investors and visitors alike. You would be amazed to know that the Bundesliga league has a track record of an average of 3.04 goals per game! So, you can imagine the crowds going frenzy each season.

At the top of that, Bundesliga attracts bettors as well. Several countries have legalized betting. This has prompted the release of betting websites and mobile apps. So, you need not visit the stadium or sports bar to bet. Just do it from the comfort of your couch. If you want to get an idea of who to put your money on, you could check out a site like Bang The Book and learn about the game predictions, as well as what bookmakers you could place your bets with.

When the league is one of the super-rich in the world, betting has got to be lucrative. Bundesliga is the third richest club in the world only after La Liga and EPL. It has enough star players to attract bettors.

If you are thinking of betting on the league this season, you need to know some basics. We have compiled a list of 10 never-to-do mistakes when betting in the Bundesliga.

10 Never-To-Commit Mistakes While Betting In Bundesliga Guide

Let us have a look:

  1. Betting without understanding the basics: Most people simply install the app or make an account on the website and start betting. They do not spend time learning the basics or even the terms. This leads to confusion later on. This confusion translates into bet losses. Always learn the basics before betting.
  1. Betting through unauthorized channels: Just take betting for fun. Never make it a source of income. Once you do that, you get into the vicious circle of criminals. The first step to do that is never to fall prey to unauthorized lucrative betting offers.

There are enough government licensed and regulated betting platforms. Always place your bets through them only. If someone approaches you to bet off the records, strictly stay away from them. You should better report them. They may have some serious criminal connections.

  1. Cap on betting amount: Bundesliga is one crazy league for football fans. It can get pretty unpredicted at times. So, always bet the amount that you can afford to lose. We have already mentioned that take it as a game and not as a money-making scheme.

When you put too much money into betting, you risk losing it too. This fear makes you susceptible to illegal ways of retrieving it. You can get carried away by some unauthorized and illegal offers. So, avoid betting too much in the first place.

  1. Not going by the stats: If you are a football fan, you got to have your favorite club and player. But when it comes to betting, you need to forego this part. Just go by the statistics. Not every club or player is in form every season.

Look out for underdogs and place bets on them. They give better returns. Betting on high-profile teams is expensive and so the loss can be big. Just play safe. Your aim should be to get 90% of your bet money back.

  1. Avoiding the book-keeping: Betting can be addictive. When the Bundesliga season catches up, it consumes fans so much that they overlook their financials. You need to avoid that. The most effective way to do that is to adopt the habit of book-keeping.

Every month or every season, allot a fixed amount to betting. Be sure to not exceed that limit. Keep a record of your betting money, return, date, and also the club. This will help you in analyzing your budget. It will also warn you if you exceed the particular amount. You can use excel sheets or Google sheets or any other bookkeeping software.

  1. Overlooking the marketing strategies of betting websites and apps: The sole motto of betting platforms is to let you bet more. So, they throw in all the lucrative offers. Like, they will offer free bets or bonuses each time you bet.

But, they do have terms and conditions in fine lines. You need to bet a minimum amount which can be huge for you. You may need to bet stipulated times in every match. This can be pretty exhausting and also not financially sound.

Always analyze the offer and do not overlook these terms. Bundesliga season comes every year but if you botch up your budget, it can have disastrous effects.

  1. Not waiting for the match line-ups: What most betting websites do is they offer cheaper bets before the match line-up is announced. So, it allures you to place bets on your expected line-up. But is it always the case? No one is going to consult you before deciding the team. So, you better wait for the announcement of the team and then place the bet.
  1. Using only one sportsbook: Sportsbook is an amazing way of keeping track of the football action, albeit on the betting front. With every match and players’ performance, this keeps on updating. It takes actual conditions like weather and players’ forms into consideration.

So, you know where and when to place the bet. But what most bettors miss here is using only one sportsbook. Instead of that, use at least 4-5 sportsbooks and analyze their data. It will give you a bigger picture. Even if you earn just one point, you have better chances of winning at the end of the tournament.

  1. The accumulators vs. singles dilemma: When you bet on accumulators, all your predicted bets need to win. The probability of you winning is slim. The betting platforms put huge rewarding money. This can lure you to bet here.

But always remember that it has a very thin chance of winning. On the other hand, when you bet on singles, only the single bet needs to win. It is unaffected by how other bets perform or even how the match goes. It is better to bet on singles if you have a tight budget.

  1. Betting under the influence: Never bet under the influence of alcohol or drugs or narcotics. It can lead to huge losses.

The first step to Bundesliga betting is being a responsible bettor. For professional advice, you can opt for Bundesliga odds from Betfred.com

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