Engineering Schools In Washington State

There are so many reasons why many students still believe that they should pursue a career in engineering. With a combination of benefits, like lots of variety, good money, impressive demand, and the chance to be a part of a renowned company, students always think that there’s nothing not to like about this career path. Well, it’s definitely a fact that engineer can always be a fulfilling career, but you should also bear in mind that how well you’re received after completing your degree is dependent on the school you choose for engineering. Of course, there are a number of best engineering schools in Washington State, but not all of them will provide equal employment opportunities.

Keeping this point in mind, you should always take your time and compare all available options – and perhaps check notable alumni of top Washington engineering colleges – before making a final decision. It may take some time to find the most suitable college, but you can always consider picking one out of the following list.

The College of Engineering at University of Washington

UW’s College of Engineering can easily be considered one of the very best engineering schools in Washington State. With over 214 faculty members available at this college, it helps students explore their creative side, which they can put to use in college’s research centers and laboratories.

As one of the best Washington engineering colleges, it offers student a range of research opportunities, ranging from earthquakes to data mining to language processing. In total, there are 33 different institutes, laboratories and research centers built on school’s Seattle campus. At one of these research centers, known as the UW Engineered Biomaterials Research Center, professors and student join hands with different companies to develop innovative medical implants.

With an application deadline of Dec. 1, the school charges a fee of $75 to process your application. The tuition fee is different for the both national and international students. The natives have to pay a fee of $13,140 a year for full-time courses, whereas all out-of-state students need to bear with a fee of $26,010 a year for all full-time courses. The fee for part-time courses is $626 per credit for native students, whereas it touches the $1,239 per credit mark for all out-of-state students.

The combination of these research offerings and several engineering disciplines makes this college one of the finest Washington engineering schools. All prospective students can earn master of engineering or Master of Science degrees in a number of engineering disciplines, including electrical, mechanical, computer science, chemical, civil and environmental, aeronautics and astronautics, materials science, industrial and systems, and human and centered design. It’s also worth mentioning that the school also provides students with a chance to opt for part-time master’s programs in pharmaceutical bioengineering, aerospace engineering, supply change transportation, construction engineering, electrical engineering, and a few more.

The College of Engineering at Howard University

The CEACS is one of the very best Washington engineering schools. In total, Howard University has twelve colleges and schools, whereas the CEACS offers a combination of engineering, computer sciences and architecture programs for all students.

The college offers graduate, undergraduate and professional programs in six academic departments. These departments include chemical engineering, electrical & computer engineering, civil & environmental engineering, systems & computer science and mechanical engineering.

A graduate degree from this college will develop those skills in you required to make creative designs as well as scientific and technological solutions to challenging problems. With the help of qualified faculty, you will learn the way to critically analyze different designs. Moreover, they have a variety of research facilities available in the college to help you excel in your respective engineering field. The current research projects are focused on electrical power systems, computerized medical imaging, materials science and environmental engineering. You may also get a chance to take part in interdisciplinary research in communications and signal processing, biomedical engineering, spacecraft guidance, power systems, fault tolerant processing, software metrics and automated manufacturing.

The availability of several laboratories also makes it one of the very best engineering colleges in Washington. The list of laboratories is quite extensive, which help you conduct your research related to mechanical measurement, energy conversion, system dynamics, control systems, soil mechanics, material and device characterization, and so on. Easy access to these research facilities and a healthy environment in and out of your school are the two main highlights that make this Washington engineering schools stand out from the crowd.

The School of Engineering at Catholic University

The Catholic University started its engineering program in 1896, but it laid the foundation of its school of engineering in 1930,  and since then, it has always maintained a high education standard. It originally started working as the School of Engineering and Architecture, but then they were separated into two schools, one of engineering and the other one for architecture and planning.

Although there are several things that go into making it one of the finest engineering colleges in Washington, it always score well for in helping student develop a highly analytical thinking towards all technical problems. It is mainly due to this particular quality that graduates from this engineering school enjoy a good demand, and manage to secure jobs with impressive salary packages.

Though it’s a small, private school, it still manages to offer a number of degree programs, including Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Civil Engineering, and Biomedical Engineering. In addition, the Engineering Management Program is also available at this engineering college, which is actually one of the best offerings by the school – this program helps educate government, military, and industry professionals in the art of managing different technical organizations and their processes.

The fact of the matter is that though there are many larger engineering schools in Washington, the School of Engineering at Catholic University has its own place, which it secures mainly due to small class sizes, dedication to teaching, and small student-to-teacher ratio.










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