Engineering Schools in Utah

It’s a fact that many students opt for engineering as a major because they don’t want to be in the league of those unemployed who have completed a degree but failed to find a job due to over-saturation in the job market. However, it’s also a fact that many students pick some of the best engineering schools in Utah because they know as an engineer they will get to develop and try some innovative technologies, like artificial hearts, environmentally sustainable buildings and much more.

What it means is that if you have a bend of mind towards research and development, you may want to choose engineering as your career. However, it’s of immense importance that you compare your options and always pick some of those engineering colleges in Utah where they have exceptional research facilities. In case you’re in a fix, we have compiled a list of three of the very best engineering schools in Utah, which will help you to become a quality engineer.


University of Utah College of Engineering

Founded in 1850, the University of Utah is located in Sal Lake City. Originally started as the University of Desert, it serves as one of the very best engineering schools in Utah. Its current combined enrollment exceeds 30,000 students, which is another testament to its quality and capabilities. In fact, it is always in the top 50 schools for BS degrees in civil engineering, computer science, electrical engineering and chemical engineering.

It offers a number of research facilities, including a small nuclear reactor that you can find in its Merrill Engineering building. The availability of this nuclear reactor is another point why many nuclear engineering students prefer it to many other engineering colleges in Utah.

Although the availability of impressive research facilities play a big role in making it a good choice for engineering students, its affordable tuition fee also serves as an added benefit of getting enrolled in this institute. Unlike some other Utah engineering schools, it charges Nevada students with a fee less than $6,000 a year – the tuition fee goes up to $15,000 a year for out-of-state students, which is a lot less as compared to many other institutions in this part of the world.

Not only is the tuition fee on the lower side, the life in Salt Lake City is also quite safe and somewhat cheap as compared to many other university towns. However, you should bear in mind that the tuition fee for part-time students is slightly higher than other comparable institutions – you pay $3,384 as an in-state, part-time student, which goes all the way up to $8,873 a year for out-of-state students. The good thing is that you don’t have to pay on ‘per credit’ bases.


Utah State University College of Engineering

The College of Engineering at Utah State University is originally located in Old Main Hill Logan, Utah. It is one of the very best Utah engineering schools, with six academic departments, including Civil & Environmental Engineering, Biological Engineering, Electrical & Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering, and Engineering Education.

There are 1,718 undergraduate students and 438 graduate students who get to enjoy a variety of facilities, including 21 research centers and institutes. The college has spent over 16 million on research projects, with 43 patent disclosure and 27 approvals within the last five years. There, you will find Sant Engineering Innovation Building all of which is dedicated for advanced level research projects. Moreover, you will also find Open Access computer laboratories, not only for graduate but for undergraduate students as well.

With a rolling application deadline, it charges $55 for application fee from U.S. residents as well as international students. The tuition fee for full-time courses is $5,563 a year for in-state students – it increases for out-of-state students and goes up to $16,079. For part-time courses, in-state students need to pay $4,046 a year, and out-of-state students have to pay $12,792 a year.

In terms of tuition fee, the school can easily compete with the University of Utah, but if you’re primarily interested in nuclear engineering, you may have to consider the availability of a nuclear reactor in the Merrill Engineering building. In addition, the total number of full-time faculty at Utah State University’s College of Engineering is 105, with Ph.D. student-faculty ratio of 0.8:1.



IRA A. Fulton College of Engineering and Technology at Brigham Young University

IRA A. Fulton College at BYU is yet another good choice for anyone interested in receiving engineering education. With over 3,050 undergraduate and 320 graduate students enrolled in the college, it is definitely one of the finest engineering colleges in Utah. What makes it a great choice for engineering students is the availability of extensive research facilities. With over 140 laboratories, including facilities for manufacturing, prototyping, and computing, you will never have to search for a place to test your own theories.

Speaking of academics, the school awards 700 degrees on annual basis in as many as ’11′ degree programs. It’s worth mentioning that BYU is one of those top seven institutes in the United States where most students go for a PhD in engineering.

Using all these research facilities, students and faculty make a combined effort to find innovative solutions to people’s problems. The school focuses its research on a variety of areas, including nanotechnology, biomedical engineering, autonomous vehicles and information technology.

It is wroth mentioning that the Ira F. Fulton College is one of those Utah engineering colleges where they have a separate department for career services. The department at this college is in touch with over 700 leading national companies and always helps students secure a good job in those companies. The department also helps student tweak their resumes and offer them interview tips along with different networking solutions.  The combination of all these facilities and a perfect environment, in and out of the school, makes it one of the very best Utah engineering colleges.



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