Engineering Schools in Georgia

If you’re currently searching for one of the very best engineering schools in Georgia, you’re not alone. It is true that engineering has now become a fulfilling career, with nice career opportunities and impressive salaries. But it’s also a fact that engineering is not the easiest subjects to get understand, which is the reason why you need to select the best school to ensure that you learn basic and advanced engineering concepts with utmost ease.

It’s also true that though engineering concepts are quite complicated, a degree in this discipline will put you in demand as a professional. But it’s generally not the only reason for students to pursue a career in engineering – some opt for it because they find the subject interesting. Even if you’re one of those who are picking this career path only because you love to be an engineer, you would still have to pick a right engineering program and find a top engineering school for admission. This is exactly when you can read more about the following engineering colleges in Georgia and choose the best one as per your interest and needs.

The College of Engineering at the University of Georgia

A university-wide academic unit with an extensive list of academic programs, the University of Georgia’s College of Engineering is one of the finest engineering colleges in Georgia. With as many as 24 department and over 100 faculty members, the school is fully organized to deliver top-level education to students in engineering and scientific disciplines.

It is important to mention that in most conventional engineering schools in Georgia, they appoint faculty members to an engineering department. However, this is not the case in UGA where engineering faculty are available in academic units throughout campus. Moreover, qualified engineering faculty from many other universities also participates in University of Georgia’s College of Engineering.

The faculty always maintains an innovative interdisciplinary approach, which goes a long way in increasing opportunity for learning in several competitive fields like metabolic engineering, pharmaceutical engineering, marine engineering, information engineering, ecological engineering and biological engineering.

In terms of research facilities and assistance, it is one of the few Georgia engineering schools that take a different approach altogether. They have made available a variety of facilities to students, but they maintain an approach that employs principles of networking, entrepreneurship and life-long learning. They have a number of instruction labs available in the college, including the Applied Machine Vision Laboratory and Electronics and Electrical Laboratory.

In total, there are 14 laboratories instruction labs for students, along with six research labs for students to actually apply what they have learned in their classes. An analytical laboratory is also there fully equipped with everything related to chromatography – it helps you with the chemical analysis of various materials.

The College of Engineering at Georgia Tech

The Georgia School of Technology is one of those engineering schools in Georgia that have been serving students for over 100 years now.  It was originally founded in 1885 and started functioning as the Georgia School of Technology. It was actually an effort to industrialize this region after the Civil War. Today, it has carved a place of its own and is often ranked as one of the top ten public schools in the United States.

What really works in the favor of Georgia Tech’s College of Engineering is that it occupies a perfect location in the heart of Atlanta and allows students to take advantage of the resources of a technological university. The University has six colleges in total, and COE is one of them, which actually enrolls 60% of the students at the University.

At this engineering college, you can pick one of 50+ degree programs for your master’s, bachelor’s or doctoral degree. The very first degree being offered by the college was in mechanical engineering, but now it has expanded to an extent where it can also offer a degree in other engineering disciplines including civil, electrical, and chemical engineering. They also have an online education system in place that you can use if you don’t intend on applying in its main Atlanta campus.

In terms of fee, it is one of those Georgia engineering colleges that charge natives and international students differently. For all in-state students who have enrolled in a full-time course, the total fee is $9,986 a year. On the other hand, all out-of-state students can opt for a full-time course by paying a total fee of $26,860 a year. Due to the affordable fee, the school is an ideal solution for Georgia residents, especially considering the fact that the school’s engineering programs can compete with some of top and most expensive engineering schools, including Stanford and MIT Schools of Engineering.

Georgia Southern University’s Engineering College

Georgia Southern University has a number of colleges and schools, and one of their very best is the Allen E. Paulson College of Engineering and Information Technology or simply CEIT. The school has made a place among the best engineering schools in Georgia mainly due to its commitment toward offering the best education to all engineering students. In fact, the school has now managed to make a splash as a student-centered learning platform that extends the current boundaries of knowledge to a new level – and they accomplish this by utilizing dynamic technology based environment.

At the school, you will find a number of different academic departments. The list includes Electrical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computer Sciences, Mechanical Engineering and Information Technology. You can go for a B.S. degree in all these disciplines; however, the student also offers you to take your M.S. degree in Applied Engineering. Their undergraduate curriculums are interdisciplinary, which includes innovative application courses and collaborate with other academic programs.

It is one of those Georgia engineering colleges that have earned national accreditations for all its academic degrees from ABET, Inc. and AACSB International. It means you really don’t have to worry about anything when applying for a place in the Allen E. Paulson College, as not only are their engineering programs accredited, they enjoy global acceptance.



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