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Wetland Museum In Huailai, Hebei Province

29 July 2021

Architects: Tenio Architecture and Engineering Co.,Ltd.

Location: Zhangjiakou, northwestern Hebei Province, Northern China

TENIO | Wetland Museum In Huailai

Wetland Museum Huailai, Zhangjiakou building, China


Wetland Museum Huailai Building

This wetland museum is located in the largest wetland near Beijing, which is the home for 40 species of resident birds and a pathway of 151 species of migratory birds. The museum disseminates wetland knowledge to tourists, especially teenagers, and educates and trains popular science enthusiasts with the help of forestry administrations.

Wetland Museum Huailai, Zhangjiakou building, China

The overall goal of the project is to achieve a building that minimizes disturbance to the wetland and integrated into the nature, and includes three main goals respectively micro impact, zero emission and full cycling. The way to achieve the goal is to firstly use the annular floating strategy that elevates the building over the wetland, and then utilize low-energy building design, self-cycling equipment and assembled construction.

Wetland Museum in Huailai, Hebei building

PROCESS——A full cycling museum of wetland education

The vulnerability of the environment in wetlands requires minimization of the output of buildings to nature. Starting from design, the museum realizes full cycling of materials, energy and water system. The building uses the prefabricated steel structure, and realizes material cycling in whole life cycle, from factory manufacturing to on-site installation and removal. It utilizes solar energy and air energy to realize energy cycling.

Wetland Museum in Huailai, Hebei building

PLANET——Achieving friendliness to birds in natural wetland by micro impact and zero emission

The building uses an elevated structure over the site to reduce the occupation of wetland as much as possible, and restores natural wetland within the site. At the same time, the wetland landscape is compensated on the roof of the building, so that the net loss of wetland is zero.

Wetland Museum in Huailai, Hebei building

Antibacterial copper plate is selected for the building skin, and this material will be gradually oxidized from golden yellow to copper green and integrated with the environment. The gap between the skin and the building and the exterior suspended ceiling will become the birds’ nests. Based on to research results, the pattern of glass curtain wall is designed with 100x50mm grids that is sensitive to bird vision to prevent birds from hitting by mistake.

Wetland Museum in Huailai, Hebei building

Rainwater is recycled through collection and reclaimed water treatment. Considering that there is no sewage pipeline in the site, a mechanical + natural filtration and purification system is built for sewage treatment to realize zero sewage discharge to wetland ecosystem.

Wetland Museum in Huailai, Hebei building

PLACE——A building integrated into and adapted to the wetland environment

Considering the landscape environment of the wetland park, the building is arranged on the site in the form of a floating ring. The space and form take into account the common attention to people and creatures. The courtyard connected with the nature and the elevated space allow birds, small animals and people to enter the semi-enclosed site in 24 hours, achieving symbiosis of the building and the environment.

Wetland Museum Huailai, Zhangjiakou building, China

The building corresponds to the huge scale of the environment with the overall floating horizontal form, and the sense of rhythm of the copper skin corresponds to the texture of the green forest on the site.

Zhangjiakou building interior by Tenio Architecture and Engineering Wetland Museum in Huailai Zhangjiakou by Tenio Architecture and Engineering

From the perspective of carbon sink, the building reduces land occupation as much as possible. The elevated building returns the natural space to the wetland. The enclosed outdoor courtyard is connected with the natural site through the elevated layer. The outdoor environment keeps the natural ecology of the wetland as well as the tall pagoda trees and Chinese pine forests around the building.

Zhangjiakou building interior design by Tenio Architecture and Engineering Huailai building in Zhangjiakou by Tenio Architecture and Engineering

The public space of the building forms a dramatic building space with the help of natural lighting, colored photovoltaic corridor and special-shaped main stairs. The exhibition hall has vision contact with the natural landscape, making the vast landscape of the wetland park the most spectacular exhibit of the museum.

Wetland Museum Huailai, Zhangjiakou building, China

Wetland Museum In Huailai, China – Building Information

Project name:Wetland Museum In Huailai
Gross Built Area:8446㎡
Project address:Zhangjiakou, northwestern Hebei province, People’s Republic of China
Architectural Design:Tenio Architecture and Engineering Co.,Ltd.
Architect:Ren Jun, Jiang Nan, Fu Yingjun, Guo Runbo, Chen Ran, Di Yang

Wetland Museum Huailai, Zhangjiakou building, China

Structure: Wang Zhiyong, Meng Lesa
Equipment Engineer: Liu Bing, Chen Jian, Yang Hui
Construction unit: Huailai Forestry Bureau
Construction unit: MCC Tiangong Group Co., Ltd
Construction drawing design: Tenio Architecture and Engineering Co.,Ltd. , BCCI
Landscape design: Tianjin Huafang Zhujing Environment Landscape Design Co.,Ltd.
Curtain wall design: Gasun Construction Group
Exhibition Design: Shanghai Fengyuzhu Culture Technology Co.,Ltd.
Copper curtain wall: Shanghai Huayuan New Composite Materials Co.,Ltd.
Park planning: Chinese Institute of Urban Scientific Planning and Design
Completion date: October 1, 2019

Project photography: AWESOME-ZHOU XINRAN

Wetland Museum Huailai, Zhangjiakou building, China

Tenio Architecture and Engineering Co., Ltd.

As one of the fastest growing, most service capable and growth potential of China, Tenio Architecture and Engineering Co., Ltd. focuses on urban and regional development related comprehensive design and consulting, provides clients with systematic and whole process intelligence services in the field of urban construction, and devotes itself to creating better environment, city and residence for people.

Wetland Museum in Huailai, Hebei building

Technical capacity of Tenio covers regional planning and design, architectural design, landscape design, interior design, green building design and consulting, BIM consulting, design optimization, design management, construction drawing examination, project operation consulting, and so on. It has developed a mature service mode in which research and development is taken as engine, planning and consulting as leader, technology as core, resource operation as support, engineering management and operation consulting as guarantee.

Wetland Museum in Huailai, Hebei building

The company, an important promoter of low-carbon city design and green building design in China, has the ability to fully participate in whole process design of low-carbon ecological urban area, and has domestically leading technical capacity and practical experience.
Tenio website:http://www.tenio.com

Wetland Museum Huailai, Zhangjiakou building, China

International Active House Awards CATEGORY WINNER.

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Location: Huailai County, Zhangjiakou, northwestern Hebei province, People’s Republic of China

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